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Related post: Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 14:39:35 -0700 (PDT)
From: rimpigfl
Subject: THE MARINE NEXT DOOR 2Disclaimer: This is just a story. And it's about a Marine - actually
several Marines. None of them are real one, of course. Kind of a melding of
a lot of Marine's I've had the honor to have known in my life. Any
resemblance to any actual Marine is purely coincidence - but if there is, I
do wish he'd write me! Anyway, you know the drill, if you don't like sex
between males, what are you doing here? And if your Country, State,
Province, City, Town or Village won't let you read this kind of stuff -
MOVE!!! Somewhere where you can!Oh, one more thing. This story is dedicated to my friend PUP, who just
LOVES Marines and stories about them. I hope he loves this one. And I kind
of hope it would come true for him.
by RimPig (c) 2002With Ty's large, warm hand in mine, we walked down the hall to my
bedroom. Before I could get into bed, however, Ty pulled me to him and
kissed me deeply. While kissing me, he reached down and with no effort preteen underage girl at
all, picked me up in his arms and gently lay me on the bed. I was already
aware preteen underage tgp
of his strength from the musculature of his body, but he picked me up
as if I weighed nothing. It was a fantastic feeling to be in his arms that
way. I almost felt like a little kid, in the 'Daddy's arms' that I had
never preteen web stars known. But this wasn't Daddy! This was a young, beautiful Marine Corp
stud who looked down at me with strong desire in his eyes.I reached out my arms to him and he got into bed, covering me with his
body. I don't think I have ever felt so safe and so protected in my whole
life! His body was warm and still swedish preteen slightly damp as he brought his mouth
down on mine in another passionate kiss. Then he pulled back and just
looked down at me. It was as if he were memorizing my face. His eyes
pierced mine and I felt like he was actually looking down into my soul,
searching for something that he knew he would find."I never kiss this much. I've never had a guy turn me on like this. You are
amazing, Bri. It's like I know I could just pour myself inside of you and
live the rest of my life that way." Ty said.I didn't know how to react to that. I didn't know what to say. It was like
he was reading preteen masha pictures my mind, telling me all the feelings that were inside of me!"Ty...I...I don't know how to say what I'm feeling. I can't believe you're
here with me like this. I can't believe you want me! You have no idea how
much you turn me on. More than any guy I've ever met. But it isn't just
that! I know I'm feeling a lot more than just wanting to have preteen hairless cunt
sex with
you. I don't want to just have sex with you. I want to be with you. I want
to be your friend. I want to make love to you and give you all the pleasure
I can. Does that make any sense?" I asked, preteen lol pic
searching in his beautiful blue
eyes for an answer."Bri..." Ty's voice getting very soft and little preteen model husky. "That makes more sense
than you realize. I preteens panties young don't know why, but I know that this is more than just
sex with preteen hentai manga
you. And, if you want, it won't be just this time, either. I've
had my fill of 'one-time' things. I feel better right now than I've ever
felt in bed with any other guy and I haven't even got off yet! There is
something so special about you. I don't know what it is, but I can feel it
when I'm near you."And with this, he leaned down and again began to kiss me. I was moaning
into his mouth as his body moved against mine. I could feel his hard cock
rubbing against me preteen svetlana
and the slipperiness of his pre-cum as it was deposited
on my skin by his moving cock. He broke the kiss but, instead sexy preteen clothes
of moving
away, he began moving down my chin to my neck where he began to lick and
suck on the skin. I began moaning again at the feelings he was causing in
me.He moved down to my chest and captured preteen nude modlels on of my nipples in his mouth. He
worried the nub with his tongue and teeth until it was standing up, almost
as hard as my cock. He then moved to the other one and repeated his
actions. Then, to my surprise, he began moving up again, forcing my arm
from around him and above my head where he held it in his hand. His face
moved into my pit and I could hear him taking deep breaths of my scent. I
couldn't believe it! He was getting off on my scent the way that I did on
his. He pulled his face from my pit and looked down at me."Thought you were the only one who got off on another guy's scent, didn't
you?" he smiled down at me. "I could hear you preteen shower voyeur
breathing each time you got
near me today. I knew you were getting off on my scent and it was turning
me on to no end!"I'm gymnastics preteen pic sure I blushed. I could feel my face heat up, but preteens latin nude I smiled back at him."Yes! I was. I love your scent. I didn't really want you to take a shower!"
I admitted."Next time we won't." he grinned. "Not until after."He than put his face back in my pit and began licking it out. Oh! What an
incredible feeling that was! He worked on both pits until I was completely
wet with his saliva! Then he began moving down my body, dragging preteen nudist archive
his tongue
against my skin, tasting me. He left a wet trail with his tongue down my
body until he reached my navel and began to lick it out with the tip of his
tongue. I giggled at that because it somewhat tickled. It was a completely
new sensation for me to have someone touching my body - much less licking
it!Ty then moved down and buried his nose in my pubic bush. I could hear him
taking deep breaths of my scent and it made me incredibly horny knowing he
was getting off on me that way. He then began licking through the hair
until it was wet with his saliva. He also licked around the base of my preteen pic dutch
and the feelings were so intense that my hips raised off the bed, shoving
myself toward his mouth, without me doing it! He took his hands and gently
pressed my hips down to the bed and then moved around so that he was
between my legs.He spread them wide and put his nose to my balls, and again took deep
breaths of my scent there. His tongue finally darted out and he began to
lick at my wrinkly sack which was quickly drawn up tight to my cock. He
even lightly nibbled at the skin and I jerked at the intense nerve reaction
it gave me. I looked down and he raised his head and grinned at me from
between my legs as he hand came up and pulled my hard cock towards his
lips. I whimpered as he pulled my foreskin down and I saw my preteenshaven wet cockhead
come in contact with his tongue as he licked off a drop of pre- cum which
had formed.He then began to lick just under the rim of the head of my cock and I was
moaning and thrusting up uncontrollably with my hips. Again, he forced my
hips back to the bed with his hands and rose up so that his mouth was
directly over my cock. He took as much as he could into his mouth and the
feeling was beyond anything I'd ever experienced. The warm wetness, the
sucking, the feel of his tongue stroking the underside of my cock was
quickly bringing me to the point of no return. I didn't want it to end so
quickly! But, being young and without any experience at all, I had no
ability at that point to hold back. I yelled to Ty that I was going to cum
and this only made him work his mouth on my cock harder. Within moments, I
was shooting the biggest load of my life right into his sucking mouth and
he was drinking down every drop of it! I couldn't believe this! The
hottest Marine stud fantasy I could ever have in my life was drinking my
cum down his throat!When I finally stopped cumming, Ty let my cock slip from his mouth and
moved up the bed to take me in his arms again. He planted his lips incest art preteen
on mine
and when I opened my world hottest preteen
mouth to him, some of my own cum, which he had held in
his mouth from my orgasm, slid into my mouth along with his tongue. I
tasted my cum and swallowed it. This was nothing new for me. I ate my cum
all the time after I jacked off. But somehow, coming from his beautiful
mouth, it was so much more erotic and yet somehow emotionally satisfying as
well.Ty broke the kiss and looked down into underground preteen videos my eyes."How was that?" he smiled."It was incredible! I never knew something could feel so good! But I didn't
want it to end so soon." I said."Who said it's ended?" Ty asked, grinning down at me. "We've only just
gotten started. I wanted to get you off quick the first time so that we
could take our time with the rest. And it seems like we're almost ready to
start again."As he said this, his hand slipped down my body and was stroking my already
hardening cock. I reached up with my hand and gently stroked his head,
feeling the prickle of his very short hairs tickling the palm of my
hand. Next, I moved my finger down his forehead until I was tracing the
bridge of his nose with it. I also drew my finger across his lips and he
opened him mouth and sucked it in and I watched breast preteen models as he gently sucked on my
finger. It was so incredibly romantic and erotic to see him do this, it
just about drove me nuts!"Ty, I still can't believe this is happening!" I said."Believe it, lover." he said, dropping my finger from his mouth.I stared at him. Did he just say what I thought I heard? No, he couldn't
have meant that. He couldn't have meant it the way it sounded. Ty,
however, continued to look deep into my eyes. I searched his face and his
beautiful eyes to see if there was any chance that I wasn't dreaming!"No, that preteen breast pictures wasn't a mistake." he said gently. "That's how I want you. I want
you as a lover not just someone to play with. If you can't handle that,
I'll understand."I didn't know what to say. I could feel the emotions welling up inside of
me. I couldn't believe that anyone so beautiful could want me, but the look
in his eyes told me that, no matter what I thought, he knew what he wanted
and who he young nonnude preteens wanted - for whatever reason - was me! There was absolutely no
question in my mind about wanting him. I suddenly realized that Ty and the
way he made me feel was what I had wanted all of my life! The emotions
became so strong that I tears began to fall from my eyes and flow down the
sides of my face. He saw them and leaned down and began licking them from
my face."I'm sorry, Bri. I'm pushing things too fast for you, aren't I?" he said,
his eyes beginning to look sad as well."No! Please, Ty! You don't understand. All I've ever wanted my whole life
was someone to want me the way that you do! I just thought it would never
happen! And I never even dreamed it could preteens desnuditas
happen with someone as beautiful
and loving as your are!" I cried."Believe it, Bri. It's true." Ty said, his voice filled with his own
emotions. "I want you, not for tonight, but for always. I want you lying in
my arms when I go to preteens freee pics sleep at night and still in my arms when I wake preteen russian twins
up in
the morning. I want to know your deepest thoughts and fears. I want to be
able to share mine with you. I want you to know me better than I know
myself. I want to be there for you any time that you need me. And I want to
make love to you and have you make love to me. How does that sound?" he
asked."Like every dream I've ever had come true. That's what makes it so hard for
me to preteen sexy nudists believe. I know why I want you." I stopped. That wasn't right. "No! I
know why I love you. But I don't know why you would love me." I said,
almost crying again."Well, it could be because, whether you know it or not, you are preteen glamour galleries incredibly
attractive. You have the most beautiful eyes, hots preteen nude I've ever seen in my life."
he said and I smiled. "And that's another thing!" he continued. "Your smile just about knocks me
out and goes straight to my heart and then straight to my balls!" he
laughed.I lay there smiling and watching the happiness on his face hardest preteen fucking as he described
for me what I looked like to him. It certainly wasn't what I saw in the
mirror every day, but that was for the best. If I saw myself in the same
way as Ty, then I would have been unbearable conceited."But there's something else." Ty's face getting serious again. "Something
much more important than what you look like. I know now what it is that I'm
feeling from you. It took me a little while to figure it out. I'd never
felt it from another guy before. It's how you love me. I feel like you just
radiate this total and unconditional love for me." he said, leaning down
and gently rubbing his nose against mine. It felt funny and I giggled and I
heard him chuckle in his throat as he did it."Oh, Ty. I do love you. I love you so much it's scary. I've never felt this
way about somebody before and it's all so sudden. Yeah, I've heard of 'love
at first sight' but I never knew it could actually happen." I said.Ty looked at me, a slight grin on his russion preteen models
face. "Well, with most guys, that's
'lust at first site'. And I have to admit, my first thoughts were preteen gratis photograph
getting you out of your clothes and into the nearest bed. But as I spent
time around you, there was this openness, this vulnerability about you that
somehow got past all my defenses and I started really caring about you. It
was when I saw what bbs preteenz real you'd gone through just to feed three starving Marines,
that I began to see how orgasm in preteens
truly loving and caring you are. And I couldn't
help myself. I wanted you preteen junior upskirt
to love and care that way about me!" he said."Oh, Ty, I do! I really do!" I said, reaching up and putting my mouth on
his.The kiss was long and deep. It sealed between us preteen websites vombat
the love that we were
feeling for each other. I've heard the saying "The earth moved" about
cumming. Well, I didn't cum but during that kiss my whole world 'moved'!"I want to make love to you, Bri. preteen preteen sex Will you let me?" he said softly to me
but with such incredible desire in his voice."I will do anything in the world for you. I'm just a little scared. You
aren't exactly small and, except for your finger in the shower, nothings
ever been up me." I said, letting him know preteens cartoons exactly how I felt."I understand, Bri. We're going to go very slowly. I'm not going to lie to
you. There may be some pain at the beginning, but I swear to you - preteen model fun it won't
last and you'll end up loving it. I could tell the way you opened up for me
in the shower that this is something you're going to really learn to
love. Will you trust latina preteen pics
me on that?" he asked, his eyes softly giving me a
look of such love and desire, I could deny him nothing!"I trust you. And I want you. I want to feel you inside me. I don't know
why, it's something I've never even thought much about. But you make me
feel like I want to be closer to you than anyone. I want to feel like
you're a part of me." I said."And, believe me, you'll feel that, Bri. We'll both feel it. We'll both
feel like we are a part of each other. Like we are one." he promised.And saying this, he leaned down and kissed me deeply. At the same time, he
put his arms around me and turn us in the bed so that we were side by side,
facing each other and he hand his arms wrapped around me and drawn close to
his body. Then his hand began moving on my back, stroking down undrage preteens pics
it until he
came to my butt and gently stroking and kneading the cheeks of my ass.I was able to reach my hand between our bodies and began to stroke my
fingers through the hair on his chest. He pulled back some to give me more
access to his body and smiled at me."You like the hair, don't you?" It was more a statement than a question."Yes. It's so soft and warm. I can't get enough of touching you. Do you
mind?" I asked, looking up into his eyes."Mind? God! It feels so good I don't want you to ever stop!" he smiled."I've never had the chance to touch another euro preteen sluts guy before. I don't even know
if I'm doing it right." I admitted."Oh! You're doing just fine, Bri!" he laughed. "You just do what you
want. If something doesn't feel good, I'll tell you. And I want you to do
the same. If something I'm doing to you doesn't feel good, you let me
know. Ok?""Everything you do to me feels incredible!" I assured him. "You really seem
to know how to turn me on. But I also think that's because it's you doing
it." I said quietly.I nestled my head against his chest, under his chin, feeling his soft chest
hair against my face. I could also drink in more of the smell of him as he
continued to stroke his hand across my butt. I felt his hand slightly part
my cheeks and his finger begin to trace along my trench again. When he got
to the opening to my body, he gently circled it several times with his
finger and I moaned against him at the tingling that went through my body."See!" I heard him butt rape preteen murmur above me. "You do really like this. I know you're
going to love feeling me inside you."I nuzzled preteen aceboard bbs
against his chest. The thought of him being inside me was
becoming the focus of my entire life at that moment. I panty thumb preteen
knew I wanted him
and I just prayed that I would be able to give him what he evidently wanted
so much.He pushed me back on the bed on my back and got down between my legs
again. I thought preteen nudists naturist
he was going to suck my cock again but, instead, he put
his hands under my thighs and pushed up and back until I was almost bent
double with my knees on my chest."Hold your legs back for me, Bri. I want to start getting you ready." he
said.I did as he said and grabbed my legs incest stories preteen with my hands behind my thighs for
him. The entire 'private' part of my body was open preteen nude list to his vision. No one
had ever been this close to look at me before. I was almost embarrassed by
it, but he began to lick at my ball sack again and any thoughts other than
the feelings he was giving me were lost from my brain in an instant!My cock had bd sisters preteen never really gone down at all and now it lay on my stomach,
hard as a rock and with erotica preteen models
pre-cum pouring from the hood onto my belly. Ty
continued to lick my balls and then began to move lower. He licked the back
of my nuts and then dipped his tongue lower until he was licking that patch
of skin between my balls and the beginning of my ass crack. I moaned at the
touch of his tongue to this highly sensitive area of my body. I didn't know
how much more of this intense pleasure I could stand but at that point it
didn't matter because I was in for the shock of my life!Ty stopped licking and moved farther down. Then I felt his tongue begin to
slowly trace it's way up inside the trench of my ass! Nothing had prepared
me for this! I had no idea that someone would actually do that to another
person! Thoughts of shame and disgust came quickly to my mind but the
feeling of what Ty was doing to me quickly overwhelmed them! 'At least we
showered and I'm clean', I thought to myself.It was about that time, that Ty's mouth reached the entrance to my body. I
could feel his tongue circling the tender lips of my ass and I was moaning
at the incredible feelings that were going through my body as he did. Then,
I felt his lips lock around my hole and begin sucking on them! Never in my
life had I ever felt something so intimate and erotic! It was like he was
kissing my lips there just as he had the lips of my mouth. And just like
the other kisses he'd given me, I felt his tongue begin to press against
the opening to my body. I sighed and preteens gratis xxx
relaxed under the warmth that I was
feeling and, the next thing I knew, I could feel his tongue sliding up
inside my ass!I moaned loudly at the feel of Ty's tongue as it continued to fuck in and
out of my hole like a small, very wet cock! No wonder he told me I would
love this! I certainly did. I finally raised my head and looked down my
body until my eyes met his as he looked at me from between my legs. preteen nude special I could
see the smile in his eyes as he knew the pleasure he was giving me. I was
grinning myself."God! Ty! That feels so good! God! Please! Eat my ass! Fuck me with your
tongue! Don't ever stop!" I begged in the delirium of feelings that I was
going through.As if answering my prayers, he didn't stop for a very long time. He
continued to eat my ass until I felt completely relaxed and wet there. As
he licked and sucked on my hole, he brought one of his fingers beside his
tongue and began to slowly work it up inside me. There was no pain and his
finger entered my body and I quickly began to moan again when he his preteen whore again
began to stroke that place up inside me which felt so good! I thought I
would cum any moment!But Ty was too expert to let that happen. He quickly backed off and
withdrew his finger from my ass. I moaned at its loss and the feeling of
emptiness left by it. I heard Ty chuckle to himself at that and the next
thing I felt was two of his fingers pressing at my opening. This time,
however, his fingers met some resistance from my sphincter muscle which
wasn't used to opening up this way."Do you have any lube?" he asked, looking up at me."Yes, in the bedside table drawer." I said, beginning to move to get it."You just lay there the way you are! I'll get it." he said, his voice
filled with authority.He was in charge and I was his to command. This was his operation and I was
just to follow orders and enjoy!He quickly found the tube of lube I sometimes used to jack off with, just
to get a different feeling - not because I needed it.He quickly re-assumed his position between my legs and I felt the cool
wetness of the gel as he began to apply it to my ass. He massaged a good
deal of it around the opening to my hole and then began to push more of it
up inside me. As he worked on my ass, I began to feel my hole relax and
then next thing I felt was his two fingers easily sliding inside me with no
pain or resistance this time.He continued to work on my butt until he had three fingers comfortable
moving inside me. I was beside myself! I wanted to cum so bad but knew that
I couldn't or it would ruin everything. Finally Ty figured that I was
ready and he raised preteens porn young up on his knees between my legs."Hand me one of those pillows." he said, pointing to the pillows above my
head.I handed it to him and he folded it in half and wedged it under my ass into
the small of my back. This brought my ass even higher and on level with
his crotch. I could see his cock standing proud and tall between his legs
and was still a little concerned about all of that going up inside me. But
Ty liberally slicked up his cock with the lube and then told me to let go
of my legs. He let them drape over his arms as he moved forward and placed
the head of his cock against the opening to my ass.There underground preteen legal
he was, above me, looking down at my face as he prepared to enter me
for the first time. I reached up with my hands now free and put them around
his neck. He bent down and kissed me hard, shoving his tongue in my mouth
to suck just russia preteenrape
as his cock began pushing against my hole. Ty had done a
masterful job of loosening me up. The head of his cock entered me slowly
but with no pain whatever - only the feeling of fullness. I moaned and he
stopped and pulled his mouth from mine."Are you in pain? Am I hurting you?" he asked, his eyes searching my face
for any sign of discomfort."God! No! Ty, it feels so good!" I swore to him.He grinned down at me and again leaned down and kissed me. I could feel his
cock slowly sliding deeper and deeper inside preteenz free of me until I suddenly noticed
that I could feel his pubic hair pressing against the opening to my ass. He
was all the way in! His whole, huge cock swedich preteens was inside my body! We were truly
one for the first time! The emotions and feelings that went through my body
were so strong I started to cry again. Ty noticed and pulled back from the
kiss."Are you ok?" he asked, his love and concern turning his voice preteen index nn husky."Oh, yes! I'm more that ok! I'm wonderful! I love the feeling of you inside
me! You fill me up in a way I never knew possible!" I said, looking up into
his eyes.He looked down at me and smiled. Such a look of love came to his eyes, that
I was almost moved to tears again. To think - this preteen cunny free beautiful, wonderful
Marine loved ME!"I can't even begin to tell you what it feels like to be inside you, Bri!
You are so hot and tight and wet! But you will know, I promise you." he
said it with such earnestness but I couldn't quite understand what he was
saying.How could I feel what it was like to be up my own ass? That was
impossible. I could feel what it was like to be....NO! He couldn't mean
that! He couldn't mean he would let me fuck him! Could he?But I had no time to think about this because Ty began to withdraw his
sword from my sheath and I moaned preteen modeling naked at the feeling of loss. I shouldn't have
worried. Before he had withdrawn far, hidden preteen websites he slowly shoved it back in to the
hilt. I could feel his cock rubbing against my prostate and the feelings
were driving me towards cumming and I wasn't even touching myself! I
figured that was impossible - to cum without touching yourself, just from
being fucked. But it sure felt like underage pics preteens
that was going to happen.Within a short span of time, Ty was truly and powerfully fucking me! He was
taking long strokes in and out of underaged preteen xxx
my ass with his cock and each one felt
better and better. I was moaning and carrying on at the feelings. I finally
found my voice."Yes, Ty! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Oh, God! Fuck me harder!!!" I moaned like
some slut! I was shocked at my own utterances.Ty didn't seemed shocked at all, he just grinned at nonnudes preteens pic
me and began fucking me
even harder and faster. My cock was trembling and pre-cum was pouring from
my piss-hole like a faucet. The foreskin had pulled back some from the head
of my cock and I knew, without even touching myself, that I was about to
cum preteen modeling club just from Ty's fucking me!"I'm buy preteen thongs gonna cum, Ty!" I screamed."Cum, Bri! Shoot your load, baby! I'm right behind you!" he yelled.And with this I began to shoot the biggest, hardest load teen russian preteen I'd ever shot in
my life. Even though it was the second one of the night, the first shot
landed above my head. The next ones landed on my face - actually, some of
it preteen being fucked
going in my open mouth - and my chest until finally I shot the last on
my stomach.Ty, true to his word, was cumming right along with gay preteens movies me. I couldn't feel his
actual cum hitting the walls of my guts, but I could feel his cock twitch
and expand each time he shot. And he shot longer than I did! By the time he
was finished, he must have deposited at least a pint of cum up inside of me
because I could feel it squirting out around his cock as he shot the last
of his load inside me.Ty collapsed on top of me and rubbed my chest against his, working the cum
I thailand preteen porn had shot all over myself into our skin. He began to lick up the cum which
had landed on my face and then kissed me and let me lick it from his
mouth. Then he totally collapsed on top of me, his face in my neck and
shoulder.I could smell and feel the sweat from our bodies and the scent of our
fucking. It was preteen supermodels naked the most beautiful thing I'd ever smelled in my life! It
was the scent of our love being firmly and physically stated. I leaned my
head preteen links samples forward and began to lick the sweat from Ty's shoulder as he lay
panting on top of me, trying to get his breath back. Finally he was able to
lift his face."That was the most incredible orgasm I've ever had in my preteen models info life." he murmured
to me. "I never knew that loving the guy you're fucking could change things
so much! It felt like I'd never done it before! Like I was the virgin""Well, I was the virgin!" I laughed. "And it was the most incredible thing
I've ever experienced in my life! You are so incredibly wonderful! I can't
believe I came without even touching myself! Just from what you were preteen underground cp
to me!"He grinned at me with such pride that I think if they gave him the
Congressional Medal of Honor, he couldn't have grinned any bigger!"You are the best! I could fuck you all night long!" he said."So do it! Fuck me all night long!" I said."God! I want to. But there's something else we have to do first." he said.With this, he allowed his softening cock to finally pull out of my
ass. Then he rolled off me and took me in his arms, pulling me close to
him. I snuggled back up against his chest. The hair was matted with my cum
and his sweat and I began to lick it clean."Oh, God! I love when you do that!" he said, reaching his hand down and
gently stroking my ass where his cum was slowly dribbling out.He pushed me back on my back and was between my legs in seconds, with my
legs pushed up by his hands. He immediately put his mouth to my so recently
fucked hole and began to lick and suck all of his cum out of me. It was an
incredible feeling and instantly eliminated any feelings of residual
soreness I had.When he had cleaned me out, he again lay down beside me and pulled me into
his arms. I reached up and pulled him down to me so that our mouths met. I
could taste preteen bedroom nude his cum and what was evidently some of my ass juice on him, but
rather than turning me off, it just excited me more. I could feel my cock
getting hard between us."You ready to go again?" he asked, smiling at me."Not quite yet, but getting there. But you aren't hard yet." I said."I don't need to be." he preteen legs said."Well, yes you do!" I answered. "How are you going to fuck me with your
cock soft?""I'm not. You're going to fuck me." he said.My mind reeled! Was he serious? Did he really want me to fuck him? I'm sure
he saw the shock on my face."Bri, if we're going to be lovers, this has to be an equal partnership. I
don't want us to get into this bullshit that one of us preteen bbw is the fucker and
the other one gets fucked. We're both guys. You're going to love fucking
once you try it and you're going to want to fuck me sometimes. It preteen erotic nn
just so
happens I like getting fucked - especially with a preteen nymphet blowjobs
cock as big preteen cp pix as yours!
Now, I hope you're not going to get any stupid preteen modell nude notions that my wanting you
to fuck me makes me any less of a man. I certainly don't think that about
you just because I just fucked you!" he said."No, it isn't that. I just never expected you to....well, because..." I
couldn't finish."Because I'm a Marine, right?" Ty finished for me.I kind of hung my head. That was exactly what I was thinking. Ty lifted my
head and looked me in the eyes."In this bed, I'm not a Marine. I'm your lover. Trust me, if I didn't want
you to fuck me, you couldn't. When I give myself to you, that's a gift
because I love you. The same as I hope you feel when you let me make love
to you. I'd kill any guy who tried to fuck me if I didn't want it. Believe
that!" he said."I do! Believe me, I do! And I do want to fuck you, Ty! I want to know what
it feels like. More than that, I want to learn preteen forbidden pics
how to give you the same
pleasure you just gave me. blue preteens
Besides, I've been looking at that incredibly
cute ass of yours since you got out of your Jeep the first time! I didn't
know what I wanted to do with it, but I've now got several wonderful
ideas!" I laughed."You were watching when I pulled up this morning?" he asked."Yep. From my bedroom window. I'd already seen Domingo and Tim and thought
they were hot. But when you pulled up, I instantly forgot about them! You
were so beautiful, I could hardly believe my eyes! All those muscles, that
beautiful hair all over you and those incredibly cute freckles across your
nose!" I giggled."Hey! Wait a minute! How the fuck could you see my freckles from your
bedroom window on the 2nd floor?! They don't show that much!" he said
feigning fierceness."You can with binoculars!" I giggled again."Why you little..." he didn't finish. Instead he grabbed my sides and
started tickling me.I let out a howl and we began wrestling on the bed. preteen panties movies We were making so much
noise, I began to get worried. I was afraid that Domingo and Tim might be
able to hear next door and figure out what was going on between Ty and
me. God knows, they probably pedo preteen image
already heard us cumming!"Ty, stop! The guys will hear us!" I said."Let 'em hear! I've listened to them moaning and groaning enough!" he
laughed, rolling off me and onto his back, looking up at me.I know he saw the shocked look on my face."Bri, Tim and Domingo are lovers. That's why we got this place off
base. They wanted to be able to be togther without worrying about people
knowing about them. They couldn't even begin to swing the rent on their
own, so I decided to come along, too. It would give me a convenient place
to bring guys to for sex." he explained."Oh." I said. The thought of Ty having best preteens nudist sex with somebody else suddenly cut
through me like a knife."Bri. What's the matter. You aren't upset about Tim and Domingo are you?"
he asked, his voice showing concern."No..." I said."Oh, about me having sex with other guys! Is that it?" he asked, sitting up
and putting his arm around my shoulders."Well...yeah." I said."Look, I didn't expect this preteens naturism to happen between us! If it bothers you, I
don't have to have sex with anybody but you. But I want you to think about
something. This was the first time you ever had sex with another
guy. You've never been with anybody else. Was that because you didn't want
to or were afraid to?" he asked."It was because I was afraid to. I've wanted other guys. Just never as much
as I nude preteen pix
wanted you!" I admitted."Thank you. I feel the same way. I wanted you more than any guy I've ever
had sex with. But I know what other guys are like. You don't. Can you
honestly tell me right now that you're never going to want to have sex with
anybody but me? Think about it before you answer." he said.I did, too. I thought about it. What had happened between us was the most
wonderful thing that had ever happened to me in my life. But there had been
other guys I'd wanted. There were guys in my new High School who could get
my cock hard as a rock just by walking near me! I didn't know what to
think."No. I can't say that." I said."Good!" said Ty.I looked at him with a quizzical look."Like I said before, we're both guys. Guys love to have sex. And sometimes
they're not to choosy about who they have it with either! I've seen some of
the whores that the other grunts fuck! Just because we have sex with
another guy doesn't mean we love them. And it doesn't mean we stop loving
whoever we do love. Can you understand that?" he asked."Yeah. I know I could suck Tommy Madison's cock just for the pleasure of
doing it! I know I don't love him, but he is really good looking. Not as
beautiful as your are, though." I assured him."Bri, I'm not beautiful." Ty said, obviously embarrassed."Hey! Don't argue preteen models portals
with me! I say you're beautiful - you're beautiful! Ok?"
I shot back the same words he had used on me earlier.He rocked with laughter."Ok, ok! No argument! You want to think I'm beautiful - have at it!" he
grinned."Do you want to have sex with other guys?" I asked."Not right now." he laughed. I smiled back."But I might sometime. And you might, too." Ty said. "Like you already
admitted that you thought Domingo and Tim were cute.""But they're lovers!" I said."Yeah. And I've had lots of nude preteen magazines sex with both of them. Several times at the
same time! And, before you ask, since they've been lovers." he said.That really made me think! Maybe this would work itself out. I just wasn't
ready for it right now."Look," Ty said, as if reading my mind again. "I'm not going to want to
have sex with somebody else tomorrow. I'm not going to want to have sex
with anybody but you for quite a while. But it could happen. And it could
happen to you. Don't you think that something like that worries me?" he
asked."What would you be worried about?" I asked. I couldn't fathom this."That you would find some other guy you wanted more than me. That you would
fall in love with him." he said."But I would NEVER do that! I love you! That will never change!" I swore."Yes it will. Love changes over time. Sometimes it grows deeper. Sometimes
it dies. So what happens in the end is preteens fuck nude
we have to preteen tumbs learn to preteen girl thongs trust each
other. That's the biggest part of love - trust. You've got to learn to
trust that I'm going to love you no matter what just as I'm going to have
to trust that you'll continue to love me no matter what. What did you
think? That I wouldn't be hurt if you stopped loving me? That you were the
only one risking his heart here?" he asked.I hung my head again. That was exactly what I had thought."I figured you could have anybody you wanted and I would never find someone
like you again in my whole life." I admitted.He took my chin in his hand and raised my head until I was again looking in
his eyes."No way, baby. Nobody gets anybody they want. And what the fuck makes you
think I could ever find someone like teen and preteen you again in my life? Hmm?" he
said. "Who's going to put out their mother's good china just for me?" and
he smiled.That was it! I couldn't take anymore. I fell sobbing into his arms, wetting
his chest with my tears."Oh, Ty, I do love you. I love you so much! I will trust you. And I'll
trust that we'll learn to love one another and find a way to make it
together. I promise." I cried.Ty just held me in his arms and rocked me while he stroked my hair until I
got myself back under control. When I did, he leaned down and kissed me
deeply."Do you know what the Marine Corp motto is?" he asked."Yes. Semper Fidelis." I answered."Do you know what that means?" he asked again."No. It's Latin. I've never studied Latin." I replied."It means 'Always Faithful'." he said. girl posing preteen "I will always love you - Semper
Fi!""And I will always love you! Semper Fi!" I answered back.And again, he took me in his arms and I was lost in his nymphet nude preteens passionate
kiss. Then he pulled back and looked preteen dark studio deeply into my eyes. I could
definitely see hunger in his!"Now. I want to get fucked. Know anybody around here who can do it?" Ty
asked.The end of Part 2 of THE MARINE NEXT DOORIf you like the story, please write me at rimpigflyahoo.com. Please don't
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consider making a donation to the site to keep it operating and free!Thank you,RimPig
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