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From: Tim Foure
Subject: "Me and Dad the Sequel Ch 28"Me and Dad the Sequel, Part I Extending the Family. Chapter 28 - Daveby Tim Foure
copyright 2001 by Tim FoureIf you are under 18 or not permitted access to homosexual erotica where you
live, then you should not read model beau dunn
this story. The other usual disclaimers too.
___________Chapter 28 - DaveI thought the bachelor party was dasha teen model a success. We managed to give Charlie his
gifts before he was too drunk to be embarrassed by them. Then we did get
rip-roaring teen model carmen
drunk as I had planned. Once Charlie was drunk, he got a goofy
expression on his face ranger model 95 that made me want to laugh each time I looked at
him. I wasn't as interested as the others in the game of strip poker Bill
suggested since I had had clip model nud sex with both Bill and Larry and had porno kids models
seen Charlie
hard a number of times, but it also turned out well. russianteen modeling agency Larry told dawn young models me he and
Bill sucked each other just about all night after Charlie and I went to
bed. I was gay model wanted
surprised to hear they came twice since neither Charlie nor I
could cum at all, but then I suppose nothing was going to stand in Bill's
way when he got an opportunity to suck dick. Larry told me they sucked each
other off twice more in the morning, once when they woke up the first time
and ordered a pot of coffee and once more before they left the room.When I woke up in the morning, Charlie was already awake but still lying
there in the dark. I had a hangover and young pixie models intended to go back to sleep. We
had the suite for Saturday night too, so it didn't matter what time we
left.When I returned from the pedo models videos
bathroom, Charlie hadn't moved."How bad is it?" I asked him as I got back into model teens nudism bed. I was careful not portal teens models to
move it any more than I had to."It's bad. I've never had a hangover as bad as this.""I thought doctors were supposed to have instant hangover cures.""They don't. Honest. I wish we did.""So it's just 'take two aspirins babes model
and call me in the morning', huh?"Charlie tried to laugh and then moaned."What's so funny?" I asked."That's Mike's cure for the common hardon.""I remember. He youn nude model told me about it. I thought it was pretty good.""So did I. And so did everyone I told it big model gallery to. I'm glad I'm going to be his
stepdad.""I'm glad you are too."There was a pause. At first I thought Charlie had drifted off to sleep, but
then he spoke. "Speaking of the common hardon . . .""Yeah?""I was thinking about last night.""Remember much of what happened?" I still wanted to give him a way out."I remember you telling me I was too drunk to remember what happened.""And were you?""No.""Oh.""I'm not having a problem with it. It was something I wanted to do."I was relieved. "So you got it out of your system?""No. And I didn't mean it that way anyhow. You know, I didn't mean I just
wanted to try it. It seemed like you and I have been getting closer and
closer these past months. I've been thinking about it a lot. Last night I
decided I wanted to go all the way with you and be as close as we could
get. Of course it didn't hurt to be drunk either." He polish models pporn tried to laugh, but
instead he childmodelsnude moaned and lay image florencemodel still."You know, I'm glad you feel that way. I do too."He snaked his hand over to mine and I took hold of it."So we're going to have to do it again when we're not drunk," he told me."I dunno. That could get to be a problem." I was thinking of what it would
mean tiny models tps
about his and Linda's marriage."I think I'm giving you the wrong idea. I'm not talking about having sex
with you regularly or anything like that. I'm definitely more interested in
having sex with top model xxx Linda than with you. But there're no barriers between us
now. When it happens between me and you, and we both know it will, it's not
going to be a surprise and we can be comfortable with it. modeling pantie woman That's all naked photo supermodel I
mean.""I like that idea. motorvenca model 547 A lot. You've got a deal."I leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips."So that'll fpc model
be later. Right now I think I'm going to die," he said as he
moaned again.I settled down next to him and drifted off to sleep.A week later we were at Grace and William's for a drink before the
rehearsal dinner. My parents and the rest of my model 12 pedo
family weren't coming down
until the next day for the wedding itself, but Linda's family was all
there, and as the black male models best man I was stuck. William shook my hand when I
arrived but said nothing. I didn't think he would be a problem because both
Linda and Charlie had told me separately if he was anything other than
polite to me, the wedding was off and we'd vladmodels dick all go home. Grace told usenet teen model me how
nice it was to see me. She made me think she was telling the truth too. And
I met Charlie's father."I'm stephanie teenmodel glad to finally meet you. teen model femjoy Charlie talks about you a lot," he told me
as he guided me away from the group with his hand on my arm as if he wanted
to speak to me privately. "I told Charlie I thought it was peculiar assets agency model how he
got to aunt joan model be best friends with his fiancee's ex husband of all people. But you
know, he never really had little gallery model
a best friend when he was growing up. Oh, he had
lots of friends, but none of them were ever special. You know what I mean?
I was sorry about that because I had a best friend that I did everything
with. I could talk to him about anything, too. Still can, for that
matter. Charlie says it's preeteen lingere models
that way with you preeteen models nudist
and him. I just wanted to tell
you how glad I am." Then he cackled. "And it pisses William off so bad. I
just love it!" teen model hot He squeezed my arm before he let me go.Bill and I got along well, of course, and I had no problems with Bill's
wife or Linda's sister Sue. Tony the Echo was another matter. He sidled up
to me early on to tell me he couldn't imagine what I was doing there."I'm surprised," I told him. "If I remember it right, even you had a bambi nn model
man at your wedding.""You know what I mean!" hot kdz models
he hissed tiny children models
at me."Yes, I do. But since you've never had any friends, I can see you'd have
trouble imagining how friends behave toward each other. You really should
wipe brook adams model
that brown smudge off your model jordan nose though."He reached up to do it nn lingerie models almost by underwear nn models reflex before he realized what I teen model star
actually said. He went away angry. But most important, he went away.The dinner itself was at a nearby restaurant which had excellent food.
Bill's children and Roger the bosnia nude models dog had been left behind at the house with a
babysitter, but Mike as well as cute pantyhose model
Tony and Sue's two girls were there. childmodels topless I was
treated to William's attempt at having a conversation with Mike, something
both he and Linda had told me about. But this time Linda fitness model xxx
didn't pick russian little model
Mike's missing half, so when William spoke, Mike looked at him, seemed to
be paying attention, but gave no ayurveda body model response. After two tries internet model naked William moved
on, giving the gift of his attention to someone else."Someone should take a strap to that son of yours and teach him some
manners," Tony the Echo hissed at me from across the modele teen nue table."Listen to me australian models nude carefully," I whispered back. young mexican models "If you so gallery of vladmodels
much as touch him,
I'll beat the shit brenda teen model
out of you, big as you are. And if I can't handle it
alone, I know Charlie would take babe fine model pleasure in giving me a hand."After dinner I was grateful I could go back to my motel room rather than
have to spend the night at William's. I had been invited, though. William
told me I could sleep in the bunk room with the boys since there were two
empty bunks there, but Grace quickly came between us to tell me naked model agency Tony and
Sue's daughters could sleep in their parents' room and I could have the
room they usually used. Hearing her offer, both girls went into an
exaggerated pout. I exo tabloid model thanked her, telling model russia kiddy
her I had already moved into my
motel room, which was partly true.Mike, on the other hand, stayed in the bunk room, to the delight of his
cousin. He had wanted to spend the night in the amateur swimwear models
motel with me, but since he
would be coming home with me to stay for the week of Linda and Charlie's
honeymoon, I thought he ought to be with his mother model beauties as long as he could
that night.By the time I returned to the motel after the rehearsal dinner, Paul and
Beth had checked in. I stopped by their room to say hello. I got there just
as Beth was just beginning to breast feed their baby. There was no
particular reason for me to leave since I had seen her naked many times
before, but Paul suggested we go to the bar to get a drink."I'm surprised you don't have Paul on the other breast," I told her as she
settled into the recliner with the baby sucking contentedly on her breast."He's already internet teen models tried it," she said."And?" I asked."Milk's too rich for me. I'm used to skim," Paul said."Good thing too," Beth said.When Paul and I had left the room and were heading for the bar, he told me,
"When she's nursing, that's her quiet time with the baby. It's amazing how
much it relaxes her. I try to leave her alone when she's doing it. And
besides, I thought you and I might stop by your room for something to relax
us.""Sounds fine to me. Want to get a drink and carry it along?""I think I'll be satisfied with what I get to drink from you."A few minutes lia naked model later we were naked on my bed and Paul was between my legs
licking and sucking on my dick and massaging my balls."I always forget how good you taste," he told me between slurps.He played for quite some time before he got me close to an orgasm. Then he
stopped, giving me a chance to get him up to speed. Once he was within
reach of his orgasm, I asked, "Should we go young sex models
for bondage model jesse
it? You've been gone a long
while.""We've got a little more time. Junior's a slow eater."So we swapped places and he brought me to the edge twice more. Then I
returned the favor. When I began to ease off the second time, he said we'd
better move along, so I brought him off, holding his dick in my nude hawiian models
mouth until
it began to soften. He did the same for me, pulled on his clothes, kissed
me good-night, and left. I pulled up the 4chan teen models covers and went right to sleep.The next day I arrived at the shy model teen church well before the time of the wedding to
help out in any way I could. Charlie was there already and surprisingly
nervous."Why are you nervous?" I asked him. "You've been living togther for, what,
four months? It's not like you're in for any pretty petite models surprises.""Doesn't matter. I've britsh bikini models
never been married before."And so he paced back and forth while I watched. It occurred to me taking
him to the men's room and giving him a blow job would probably calm him
down, but it girl model fotos
would ruin the gold atom model mood of the day. A few minutes I decided to
make the offer anyhow.He stopped in his tracks with a stunned look on his face. "What!" he asked.So I repeated my offer, adding, "Sex has always relaxed me. I thought it
might calm you down."He started to laugh. "Thanks, but I think I'll pass on that."After that, though, he was much less nervous.The wedding itself went without a hitch. I noticed Linda was wearing her
engagement ring from me on her right hand, and she smiled at me when her
father handed her off to Charlie. She looked beautiful in the dress she and
her mother had compromised on.At ls models lol the reception everyone seemed to get into the spirit of crazy model teen the occasion
except William. When my father met Charlie for the first time in the
receiving line, he shook his hand and then pulled him into a one-arm hug,
saying, "Welcome to the family." He kissed Linda and hugged her too. Later
I noticed my mother and amtrak model railroad Linda's sitting at the end of the bride and groom's
table head to head. I don't know what child preeten model they were talking about, but every
once in a while top model yung both of them would throw back their heads and laugh until
tears ran down their faces. At another point I saw Bill, my father, and
Charlie's father talking animatedly to each other. And William moved from
one to another of what Linda called "his wedding guests" pumping their arms
and young lolta model telling them God- knows-what.As the reception drew to a close, I was talking with Linda and Charlie
about their honeymoon plans. They had decided on a clothing optional
resort, though not the one she and I had gone to."Charlie says he's charity hodges model not going models baby dies to let me wear anything except jewelry for the
whole week," she said with a smug look that told me it was meant to be
funny.I laughed and said to Charlie, hair extension models "Sunscreen. You'd better let her wear
sunscreen. teenmodels small And you'd better wear it too.""Why? From what I hear, a little sunburn in the right places really livens
things up."We laughed over that too and probably would have made more of the teen latino model
joke if
Mike hadn't walked up to us only to be followed immediately by William. It
was William's presence that took the bloom off the rose."Young man, I hope you know you should now address Charlie as
'Stepfather'."Mike slovakian bikini models
lovely little model looked at ls teen models him as if he'd lost his mind. Then he turned 101 teen models to Charlie and
asked, "Is that what you want me to call you?""No, I think you should keep right on calling me Charlie."William began to swell up as he did whenever he didn't get his way. He
began to humpf, humpf."I've got a better idea," I said. "Let's compromise. Why don't you call models in nude him
'Dad'."The look on William's face said he didn't think it was much of a
compromise."Are you serious?" Charlie asked me."I adult model mitosis
certainly am. young lingery models If you're going to share the work, you ought to share bikini model contestants the
title too.""That's great!" Mike said, smiling ear to ear. "I get lol and model
to have two dads!" He
elbowed his way between Charlie and me, wrapped an arm around each of us,
and hugged us against him.When Mike let us go, I reached out 12yo boymodel
to shake Charlie's hand. As he took
mine, I told him, "Welcome to the family."After teen model passwords
we shook, Linda grabbed me by the arm and kissed me, looking me
straight in the eyes. "Listen, thanks. That's the best present we got."William, meanwhile, had finally regained the nonude model little power of speech. "I don't know
about this. I don't know if it's appropriate.""It's not up to you. Besides, you've got something else to think about
right now. I'm two months' pregnant. Do you want to announce it before I
toss my bouquet or should I?"
The End bachmann model train of Part 1I'm not going to start Part 2 right away. claytons model t Thanks for staying with me all the
way through Part 1.
_____________Comments appreciated. ebony models pics Send them to Flames ignored.Earlier chapters of this story are archived at www.NIFTY.ORG in the gay
male/incest section.
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