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Subject: Michael and 12yo naked preteens
Jake Part 6Disclaimer: I do not know nor do preteen model eurnaughty preteen videos I claim to know Jake Gyllenhaal, or any
other celebrities that may wonder through these pages, and I do not know or
therefore mean to imply any knowledge of their personal lives or their
sexual preferences. This is a work of fiction. The character of Michael
is my own creation, and therefore any use of him outside of this story must
be done with my permission. If you are under 18 years of age or are
bothered by the prospect of a homo-erotic relationship between two
consenting adult males, or it is just plain illegal to be reading this in
your area, then you had better go and find something else to read on
another web-site.
I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks to 2 people: Avy and
Christopher. Thanks for taking the shameless nylon preteens time to actually let me know from where
in the galaxy you were reading this story! I'd still like to know where
the pre teens candid rest of you are at out there in the world! That said, on with the
story..... Jake's POV preteen euro nudes
There we stood, waiting in awkward silence preteen models exposed after the
room-service waiter left. At least Paul had come in and shut the door. I
opened my mouth to say something, anything, and the next thing I know, all
three of us are saying the exact same thing at the same exact time.....
"We need to talk!"
And then we all looked at one another.
"We need to get dressed," Michael added.
"Give me a minute," I told Paul.
He nodded and put his duffle-bag on teeny orgasm preteen the floor and I followed
Michael into the bedroom and closed the door.
"I gather you weren't expecting him?" Michael asked as he took
his clothes into the bathroom.
"No!" I replied, starting to get dressed dorki preteen bbs myself.
"So, what's the story with you two? Are you guys lovers or
what?" small nude preteens he asked.
"Not exactly. About six months ago, at the premier party for
'Jarhead', we.....hooked up, for lack of a better way to put it. There
never has been, never will be, any romantic feelings, at least not on my
part. Just convenient, no strings sex."
"So then you guys are just---?"
"Fuck-buddies? Yeah. I had no idea that he was going to show
up asian preteensex here like this, honest.
"I believe you," Michael told me as he came out of the
bathroom, now horney preteen fully dressed. "You need to go out there and talk to him,
you know,"
"I know. So sexy preteen torrent are we okay?" teenage preteen model
I asked.
"Yup, we're just fine. Listen, I know things are still in the
early stages with us, but I really want to see where things are headed
between us. I'm halfway in love with you now as it is," he said, and then
let out an exasperated sigh.
"What?" I asked
"I can't believe I did that!"
"Did what?"
" 'I'm a huge fan! I can't wait for Tokyo Drift this
summer!'," he preteen model garage
said, mocking himself. "I must preteen loita anal have sounded like a complete
"No, just someone who was very nervous because of a situation
overwhich he had no control."
"Thanks. What did I do to deserve you?" he asked as I took
him in my arms and brought our foreheads together.
"Um, stopped at a certain grocery store and then went to the
park?" I said.
"Smartass!" he said, earning himself a playfull swat on the
ass. "Okay, let's go. You need to have your talk with Paul, and I need my
And with that, we exited the bedroom.
Paul looked up preteen young candid from the script he was reading. Michael picked
up his book-bag and the two scripts and disappeared back into the bedroom,
closing russian incest preteens the door.
"Hey listen, I shouldn't have come here like this. I just
figured you would be bored shitless and in need of some Walker-style fun,
ya know?" Paul pedo preteen said by way of ukranian preteen tgp an explanation.
"Yeah, except--"
"Except, you met someone?" Paul finished for me.
"Well hey you know, that's great! It was strictly no strings
between us anyways, right? Just fun! And it was great while it lasted!"
"Thanks man," lola sex preteen
I said, suddenly unsure of what to say or do
"So is it serious?" he asked.
"I dunno. I think it could be. I sure as hell would like the
opportunity to find out."
"Well then you've got it man. I'll just take off, maybe go
downstairs and see if I can get myself pedo innocent preteen a room models preteen sample or something," he said
standing up from the sofa where he had been sitting.
"You don't have to---."
"Hey Jake, c'mon man, the last thing you need while you're
tryin to jumpstart something with this new guy is an old lover hanging
"C'mon Paul---."
"Nope, I'm gonna get outta here while the gettin's good," Paul
said as he pulled me into a quick embrace, kissed me on the side of his
neck, preteen modeling porn
and then closed his eyes as a single tear squeezed its way out and
rolled down his cheek.
Un-beknownst to preteen naturalist fkk
either one of us, Michael quietly closed the
bedroom door.
Several seconds later, the door opened and Michael came out,
book- bag slung over his shoulder and scripts in hand.
"Okay, break it up. I'm starving and I'm sure Paul must be
hungry too," he said smiling.
"Nah, that's ok, really," Paul said, bending to retrieve his
duffle-bag and quickly wipe at his eyes.
"Nonsense. sanda modle preteen You came in on the Red-Eye, preteen pics site right? And there's
obviously more than enough here for Jake and I, so please, stay," Michael
said looking up at me beseechingly.
Paul looked ls series preteen back and forth between me and Michael.
"It's your call, bro," I said, standing there, arms crossed.
"Okay, I give up, you talked me into it," he said, smiling in
"Great, let's dig in!" Michael said as he dropped the scripts
and his book-bag on the sofa and led the way to the waiting breakfast cart.
He hadn't been kidding when fuck black preteen he had told Paul that there was more than
enough for the two of us. By the time we had gotten preteen imageboard everything divided up
between the three of us, we were each sitting down to a pretty decent
breakfast. preteen bombs models
Paul's POV nn preteen index
It preteen cum tgp was hard not to like Michael, and believe me, I tried. He
just had this way of putting people at ease, which, I guess, was why it
came as no shock to me to learn he was an actor.
"If you guys want to run some lines from 'Obsession', I'll read
the other parts," he offered. Much like Julia Roberts had in 'Pretty
Woman', Michael was pulling apart a croissant and eating it bit-by-bit.
"Sure," Jake said in between bites of bacon and eggs, looking
at me.
"Alright, sure, why not?" I replied, uncertainly, between
bites of hash- browns.
Michael went and picked up three scripts, and we began. As we
worked our way through the first few scenes, it was preteen nipple pictures easy to tell that
Michael knew preteen model boys
his way around a script, quickly giving us our ques and
responces from other characters when needed, and more often than not,
without even reffering to his own script! His emotional range was amazing,
leaping with lightening speed from KC's early blind optimism to Larry's
near psychotic behavior in the preteen joung boys
blink free preteens gallery of an eye, and both Jake and I found
ourselves responding to him without even realizing it!
Before I knew it, we had finished eating and had read through
the entire script, minus the love scenes! His grasp of the KC character
was spot on, and preteen panties photos
an idea was forming in my mind, but I definately had to
run it by Jake first as he was one of the producers, a fact which only a
few people actually knew....
"Damn, he's good!" I told Jake, looking at Michael with new
"Aaww shucks ma'am, twarn't nuthin," asians preteens he said, blushing and
using a Southern accent.
"So Michael, what did you say you did for a living?" I asked.
"I didn't, preteen henati
but since you asked, I'm an actor, and no, you
probably haven't seen any of my work, but you are familiar with the type of
work I do," he replied.
"Oh?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. He definately had me
intrigued now.....
"Soaps," he said simply.
"Aahh, which one?" I asked out of preteen toon pics
curiosity. I had briefly
been on 'The Young and The Restless' a few years back and could still
remember the fast pace to this day.
" 'Another blue preteen models Life.' I play identical twins."
"My mom watches that every day!" I blurted out, then more
quietly, said, "she really likes it."
"Right on. I don't suppose you have any pictures with you, do
you? My kids would absolutely freak out if I preteen xxx model came home with an autographed
picture for each of them. They just loved 'Eight Below'."
"You have kids too? My daughter's seven. Meadow."
"Five-years-old here. Twins, Ryan and Michelle. It's a long
story. I'll tell you about it some other time."
"Cool. Say, why don't we just trade? I'll give you pre teen clips two for
one for my mom," I suggested.
"Deal," Michael replied with a smile before turning serious
again. "I want to apologize for earlier." he said.
"Oh?" I asked, curious.
"Yeah. When we were talking about preteen pantihose models 'Tokyo Drift' earlier, I
kind of spaced out and forgot that you weren't in it," he admitted
"Well don't let that keep you from going to see it. It's still
pretty good," I told him.
"Lucas Black is a pretty good actor and a cool guy. We worked
together on 'Jarhead'. From what I hear, this one is supposed to be just
as good as the first pictures preteen vagina two," Jake added.
"Well then I preteen model spandexpreteen underage post will definately have to go check it out," Michael
said. singapurian preteenstiny preteen girlsnude preteen puffy
nu preteen models Michael's POV nude preteen japan The rest of the day passed in the usual way for a Sunday.
After exchanging photo's with Paul, I gathered up my things and with Jake's
okay, took the two extra scripts and then left and headed down to the lobby
to call for a cab.
When I got back to my parents, I had to endure the third
degree, but at least with everyone there, I only had to go through it once.
I gave the twins their autographed little virgins preteen pictures from Paul, and was pleased to
note that they were indeed ecstatic to get their pictures.
"Paul Walker? How on earth---?"
"He showed up while we were having breakfast. It was no big
His mom is a fan of the show, so we traded pictures." It wasn't
technically a lie, and kept my mom from asking anymore questions, although
I could tell she was dying to ask what really happened. I quickly made my
escape to go change clothes and get model preteen sexy ready to take the preteen torrents kids riding.
We left and headed preteens underage naked
for the erotic preteen model park and when we arrived at the
stables, the twins wasted no time in choosing their mounts. I soon found a
mount to my liking, a big white stallion that I usually rode, and soon the
three of us were out enjoying the riding trails. It really was a nice day
for a ride, and when we were done a few hours later, we headed back home.
During the walk, I pulled out my phone and checked for messages, but there
were none.
We spent a torrent preteens avi quiet Sunday night enjoying family time before
turning in for the night. The following day was grey and rainy. Perfect weather for a
Monday, so since the twins had school, and I had some upcoming choices to
make preteen undress games regarding my career, I decided to go wander through the museum and use
the quiet solitude to make up my mind. I had also had another blocked call
on my cell-phone that morning and attributed it to another wrong number.
I was studying a group of paintings by Titian, still no closer
to making up my mind when a voice behind me uncensord preteens said, "You'd fit in perfectly,"
and I turned to find Maggie.
"Hey," I said by way of greeting.
"Perfect museum weather, isn't it?" she said with an impish
"Where's your other half?" top preteen I asked.
"Peter doesn't 'do' museums," Maggie said with a wry smile.
"Pity," I replied.
"So what are you doing here on a Monday?" she asked.
"I like to come here sometimes and think things over whenever I
have a majorly big decision to make, as it's nice and quiet. I didn't have
to work today, and the naturals preteens pics twins are in school, so I thought what the hell!"
"There preteen baby you go!"
"Plus I'm waiting for a call from the lawyers. I wanted to ask
them about being present when the family comes to remove the contents of
the house. There are some beautiful marble mantels and Venitian glass
chandeliers that naughty black preteenspreteen sex pix I don't want mistaken petit preteen nn
as part of the 'contents'," I said.
"Well yeah!" Maggie exclaimed.
No sooner had Maggie said that, when free preteen hardcore my beam to preteens
phone vibrated in my
pocket. We walked over to 3d preteen cartoon a quiet, out of the way corner and I pulled it
out, checking the caller ID.
"It's them, hang on." Maggie crossed all of photo pretty preteen her fingers and
her arms and smiled at me and nodded encouragingly.
"Hello, Mr Williams? This is Michael Orsini. I'm fine, thank
you. Yes, it's slowly sinking in. Oh, really? I didn't know that. preteen rape website She
did? Well she certainly was a crafty old woman. Mm-hmmm. Oh good, you
did get my message. preteen innocent youth
Yes, this Friday would be fine. I was actually at the
house on Saturday morning when I called. Yes it is! I was also wondering
if I could possibly come in this afternoon and talk to you on another
matter? Yes, 4:00 would be fine, thank you. Well, russian preteen lo
I was wondering if you
would be able to recommend a good lawyer for financial matters. I've
recently come into some money." I winked at Maggie who stuck out her
tongue and grinned back.
"You do? That's great! Okay then, I'll see you at 4:00.
Thank you, good-bye," I said closing the phone and putting it back in my
"Well? What did they say?" Maggie wanted to know.
"The family are scheduled to come in this Friday and collect
their things, and apparently one of the out of town family members was all
set to contest the will because of the 'family home' going to an
"Tsk." Maggie scowled and shook her head in bewilderment.
"Yeah, well that little plan was brought to nubiles preteen gratis a screeching whoa
when they were informed of a stipulation to the will."
"Yes, apparently our girl Kathryn left a stipulation to the
effect that if anyone actually had the balls to contest the will as it was
written, the whole thing became null and void and the property, house, and
all of the contents, not mention all the other homes across the country and
in Europe, were to be sold and the profits preteen kds bbs given to charity and rape preteen pussy no one
would have seen a dime. No way was the rest the family willing to lose out
on a veritable fortune in artwork, so I imagine they pretty much put a
muzzle on the big mouth to keep his pie-hole shut."
"I wouldn't be either," Maggie said.
"And depending on the locations and condition of the other
homes, they may or may not sell them for some quick cash. I'm almost
positive they would have sold this one without batting an eyelash. At
least this way a piece of New York history gets preserved, and I get a
place of my own to live in sexy preteen asian
once the renovations are done."
"It must be so exciting! I can't imagine....."
"We have a few hours to kill before I have to be at the
lawyers, you nudes photo preteens
wanna go see chelda preteen model it?" I asked.
"Shut up! Are you serious? Of course I'd like to see it!"
Maggie said excitedly.
"Then let's go," I said as we turned and headed for the exit.
Getting outside, we hailed a cab and I asked Maggie if 10yr nude preteen
minded stopping by my parents place first so I could pick up the drawings I
had done so that she could see what I had planned in relation to what was
really there.
Arriving at my parents, we had the cab wait and then went
inside. I don't know how or why, but we were extremely lucky to legal preteen modles find no
one at home when we arrived, so I grabbed my book-bag to make sure all the
sketches were still in it, free preteen nonnude and we left.
A short while later, we were standing on the sidewalk in front
of my house. Maggie stood there staring in wide-eyed amazement.
"Oh my God!" movie tgp preteen
Maggie's POV I had real preteen pantys always heard that the Hayes Mansion was big, but had
never taken the time to walk past and look at it! preteens pedo pictures It was huge!
"You want to go look inside?" Michael was asking me.
"Hell yes!" I replied. He unlocked the preteen porn porn front gate and we
walked through.
"So, I assume you heard preteen boy list about yesterday morning?" he asked as
we headed up the front walk.
"I can't believe I babbled on like some teenage girl about
'Tokyo Drift' and Paul isn't even in it! The whole situation was just too
weird for words!"
"You have such a gift for understatement, Michael," I told him
as we neared the large covered front porch.
"How's he doing?" he asked.
"You haven't talked with him?" I replied.
"Not since I left them at the Hotel. No messages, no nothing."
"Aahh, okay. He brought the dogs over yesterday afternoon and
then caught a flight back to LA. He's going to talk to the folks."
"I hope that goes okay," Michael said as we climbed the steps,
and then preteens incest we were standing on the sheltered front porch.
"Well, here we are," he said, and then he was un-locking the
double doors and we were going inside where Michael kicked off preteen page his shoes,
so I did the same. We spent the next hour or so walking through his house
while he explained exactly what it was preteens nude squirt
he wanted to do and showed me the
sketches he had done which made much more sense when you could see the
actual spaces.
"After the remodel is done, I'm going to live on the second
"If I can drag Peter out tomorrow, can we meet you here? Or
come by the studios when you sexy preteen sluts get done tomorrow afternoon? I really like
your plans for the third floor space, and I'd like him to see it before we
make any kind of commitment," I said, looking back through his drawings.
"I want the third floor space when it's done! I'm completely
serious Michael. I can already picture it just from seeing the space and
looking at your drawings, and I want it!" I could tell I had taken him
completely by surprise.
"Maggie....I still haven't decided if I'm going to rent or teen preteenmodels
the units," Michael said.
"Well, let me know when and what you decide. I'm totally
serious about wanting the space on the third floor," I told him.
"Okay, will do." preteen nude landpreteen tiny nudes Michael's POV hot asian preteen
We continued walking around the house and grounds until it was
time to head off to the lawyers, and I asked Maggie if she minded coming
with me. I had put the section of the newspaper with the winning lottery
numbers circled in my bag and the ticket in my pocket before I headed out
to the museum that morning, just in case.....
When we arrived at the lawyer's offices, I gave my name to the
receptionist who blinked and then picked up the phone to announce me. Of
course I had been a primary topic of conversation around the water-cooler,
having been named the in the will and then getting the house, instead of
any of the family! preteen galleries model
We were immediately shown into a large meeting room and
offered our choice of coffee or tea. Maggie took tea and we were joined
about a minute later by Marshall Williams.
"Good afternoon Mr. Orsini, what can german preteen links
we do for you today?" he
"I need some financial advice. As I said on the phone, I've
recently come into some money, and I'm going to need some help and advice."
"How much are we talking about?" Marshall asked, figuring I was
only talking about maybe a couple hundred thousand.
I withdrew the newspaper from my bag and the lottery ticket
from my pocket and slid them across the table to him. I watched as
Marshall Williams first frowned in confusion, and then as dawning
comprehension preteen private galleries set in.
"Jesus Christ!" he muttered.
"Can you help me Mr. Williams?" I asked+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Well, that's part 6! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated, as
any writer will tell you! thai twinks preteens You can email me at or I can
frequently be found on yahoo where my ID is twains_fan_03, or on AIM where
my ID is PhelpsCNA. Please remember to put the story title in the subject
line when you write, and let me know where in the world you're writing
from! Keep reading and writing to your favorite authors, it's the only way
that we know anyone is reading our work, thanks,
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