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My Gift
My Gift
Does your mother know you're reading this shit?
Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut. If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.This story is copyrighted, ©2005. It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written
I love the holidays at granny's. I'm a military brat and the only time I get to see granny and papa is during the holidays. When I was young we lived close to them. I practically grew up on their farm. I love the big old house. Dad was the third of nine boys. He had one sister, number four in line of birth.
The only real drawback is that of all of a2ps strip form feed
the thirty nine current grandchildren, I am the only grandson. All of my
uncles have at least three girls and my aunt has five. She does have one son but he is only four at this time. My dad was the jack leg with only one child and a son at that. I was very popular. My grandparents dote on me and my cousins think that I am the cutest guy in the world. It wouldn't be bad having ten or twelve teenage girls hanging on to me except that I am a cocksucker, confirmed and forever. My mother was a Choctaw/Cherokee Indian girl that dad met while in college. They married and had one child
and it wasn't my brother or sister, smart ass. I was pampered as an only child can be. My mother's parents were great
and I loved living on the old Indian reservation with them. Dad is career Army. He finished college and took his
commission from his ROTC in 1995. I was born in 1991 and I was hell on wheels as dad worked to graduate from
college while supporting my mother and me and keeping his grades up. Both of my folks love their extended families so we spend most of our time with one or the other. Granny and
Papa live sixty miles from where dad's college was with nana and Pap pa twenty miles beyond that. When I was ten mom and I went with dad on an assignment to Spain. I don't remember a whole lot about it
because I was miserable. I didn't get to see pap pa or papa. I didn't get to go hunting or get to ride my horse. I
complained all of the time until 3 gal milk containers I realized that my mother was sick. She could not catch her breath and languished away.
I hated Spain for taking my mother from me. Our traditional gathering at granny's put me back in shape as
Thanksgiving day granny took me to her bedroom and sat with me in her lap and sang and rocked with me all
afternoon. She explained that my mother had a lung disease that had been taking her away from us for many years and
daddy wanted to be with her until the end. He could not leave his job with the Army and did not want me to be alone
when she died so he had taken us with him to Spain. She died as she had wanted, with the man she loved and her only
son at her side. I stayed with dad as he returned to Spain for six more months then we moved to the Netherlands. I enjoyed
myself there as I learned who I was and what life had to offer me. Dad was assigned to the American Counsel so we
lived in a house in the center of a big city. We arrived at the end of the school year so I stayed home until the new
session took up in the fall. What dad didn't know was that the hotel across the street from our house was a boy's whore
house. The third day in our new home I went to explore my surroundings. I met a boy a little older than myself and we
became instant friends. I had just turned thirteen and had some wild changes happening in my body. My dad had
explained a little of what was happening to me but 13 yo nude girls I had a million questions and kids 16 nude
I could pdo 12yo fuck
tell that he wasn't comfortable
talking to me about it so I played dumb and nodded my head and let him off of the hook. My new friend, Kurt, 13y.o blowjob
was ready to tell all. By the end of the first day I had learned that he belonged to the man
who owned the hotel and that he gave his body for sex with men at their will. He called the hotel owner his burger. His
English was not good and his accent was strong but that is what I heard. I never learned the meaning of the word. I
know that a Berger Meister is like a mayor of a town so I wondered if the man was somehow his Berger or his owner or
something. It was nothing that Kurt would talk about so I let it drop. Now I had only discovered jacking off a few weeks before and had only had my first wet orgasm the day before.
I didn't have much, just a drop of stuff oozed to the top of my four inch cock, but it felt so fucking good that I wanted to
hurry and get home to do it again. Kurt convinced me to let him show me a better way. I snuck Kurt into my room and we locked the door. He told me that he likes to suck cocks but his bleach beat mp3
favorite is to
lick ass holes. All 6 tall escorts uk of this was new and gross but exciting to me and I couldn't wait to try it. He told me that he would do
everything with me on one condition, I had to get totally naked and let him do whatever he wanted this one time. I did
not have to do it again but if I wanted to learn what it was then I had to be willing to go with it this time. I agreed and
stripped naked. I stood before him in all of my thirteen year old glory. I was now four foot nine and weighed seventy nine
pounds. My skin was pale, pasty white from being inside so much for the last two years. I had three tiny little hairs
above my four and a quarter inch cock that was about as thick as a quarter. At the bequest of both of my grandfathers, I
was uncut. Kurt was blonde. He was so blonde his hair looked transparent. His skin was pale and he was the same color
from head to toe. His cock was almost four inches long and about as thick as the cigars my dad liked to smoke. As with
most Europeans he too was uncut. His blue green eyes sparkled as he looked at me. He had the faintest of freckles on
the bridge of his nose and the rosy red cheeks of youth highlighted his beautiful face. dragonball z ss2 mp3 Our first order of business was to explore the other's body. Since I was virgin in every aspect I was allowed to
go first. Kurt encouraged me where I would hesitate. I looked up his nose and in his ears. I looked at his arm pits and I
tickled his ribs. I examined each toe 8ball free porn
as closely as I could and eyeballed every inch of his long, skinny, thirteen year old
legs. By the time I got to his crotch my cock was harder than it had ever been. It hurt, it was so hard. I wanted to jack
off but Kurt wouldn't let me. He made me look at his-he called it his peter. He made me pull back the skin and lick the
head. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked it as he instructed me on the various ways of fellating a phallus. I
required little instruction once I had him in my mouth. I took to it at once with a relish. I had never done anything that I
enjoyed as much as sucking his sweet cock. Next he pulled his legs back and had me look in his butt. I was mesmerized as I looked into his tiny little pink
hole. He told me that he wanted to be fucked so bad but that his burger wouldn't allow it. He told me that he personally
inspected all of his boys and when he was satisfied that they were ready to be fucked that he did it for their first time. So
far Kurt had not even been considered. I asked him what he did with men. He told me that the men he was with liked really young boys and they would
treat him like a king. They would lick his whole body and suck his peter. They loved to eat his ass as he sucked their
big peters. He loved to make them cum again and again. He said that the men would let him fuck them over and over
again. Since his peter was so small it did not hurt them and they really liked him up inside them. He told me that with
his small hands that he was often asked to fist men. He told me how he could put his whole hand, and most of his arm
up inside of their butts and fuck them. He would get hold of their nut and squeeze it while he sucked on their big peters.
He said that this made the most cum and he loved to just drink and drink of their juice as he played with the inside of
their butts. I thought this sounded so sick then he told me that he would have to wash his arm for hours afterwards and that
he felt so dirty but they gave him a lot of money for doing this to them. I asked him how much money he made. He told
me everything went to the burger but that the burger gave him money to buy clothes and CDs and just about anything he
wanted every Monday. I was still looking at his ass hole and I put my finger to it. He moaned and told me how good it felt. He told me
to get my finger wet and put it back again. I did, then he told me to push it inside him. I did it. His eyes rolled back as
he moaned. He told me that it felt so good. I pulled my finger out and smelled it. I didn't smell anything so I licked it. It
was clean so I got it wet and pushed in again. He liked that. I began to fuck his ass with my finger and he just pulled his
legs back and pushed his butt up to me. bare conductor wire 6 He told me to put in another finger. I pulled out and got two wet. This time I tasted something but I was so far
gone I didn't care. As I pushed two fingers in I tasted what was in my mouth. I decided that it tasted okay and kept on
finger fucking him. He told me that if I wanted to suck his peter that I should hurry. I took his skinny tool into my
mouth just as he let go bleach xxx 2 of a shot of his cum. He didn't shoot a whole lot but I could tell that he had shot in my mouth. I
tasted it and it was good. He pushed me away and lay his legs down. He rolled over and told me that it was his turn. He did almost the same to me as I had done to him except that he
used his tongue instead of his eyes as he went over every inch of my body. I thought I would die happy as he licked my
arm pits and around my stomach. He stopped to suck each of my titties, samurai porn 23 I call them nipples now but then I was just a
little kid, okay? He licked between each toe and used his teeth on the bottom of my feet. I was in a frenzy of ecstasy. He worked
his way up my legs, front and back only stopping when he got to my pucker. He had me pull my legs back and place my
hands at the back of my knees to hold them open for him. He dove into my ass and worked his tongue inside me. I had
never thought of doing this. I had seen my papa's old dog lick his ass hole one time and thought it was sick but now I
wondered if that dog felt as good as I did. Too bad I can't lick my own ass hole. Kurt kept licking for the longest time as my cock got harder and harder. I looked at it and I swear it was bigger
than it ever had been. After he had made a meal of my ass he began to suck and lick on my balls. I was over the hill by
this time. I felt his finger go in xxx age 16 cum my ass as he took both of my little grape sized nuggets into his mouth and rolled them
about, all the while fucking his finger in and out of my butt, making me shiver with emotions that I never knew existed
in my body. Kurt pulled his finger out and sucked it clean making a big show of it for me then he put two fingers back inside
of me and at once began to suck my cock into his mouth. He was moving up and down on me, sort of like jacking me
off with his mouth. It felt so wonderful that I never wanted it to stop. His fingers were hitting something in my butt that
made me go insane 6 inch cocks with joy as his mouth worked on my hard cock paying my ragingly sensitive cock head special
attention. I started to cum so hard that it burned it's way out of my body. Now I had only had my first wet orgasm the day before but it didn't shoot out, it just kind of oozed out. This
was so fucking different and so fucking good. I shot and I shot like I 80 grandma porn never had and it made my whole body feel so
good. I felt like I was cumming from my toes and from the back of my head. My heart was pounding and my chest was
pumping. My whole body was trying to get out through Tiny blondes 012 the head of my humongous cock inside the mouth of the most
wonderful person on the face to the planet. I loved this cocksucker more 14yo girl xxx than anyone I had ever known. I didn't ever
want to quit. Kurt quit pumping on my dick but he kept it in his mouth. He stopped 3gp erotic video
fucking his fingers in and out but he
slowly rubbed against that one spot up in my butt. It felt so good and soothing. In just moments I could feel my cock go
hard again as I began to fuck into his mouth. He was right with me as he began to suck me in earnest again. Slowly he
moved his fingers in and out of my tortured ass hole as he kept up his ministrations on my turgid boy meat. As I began
to meet his movements with my pelvic thrusts he returned to fucking my ass with his fingers, never ceasing to female terminal 18-22 guage
hit that
one spot with force on each stroke. Again I had a powerful orgasm that totally wrecked my body and left me in a
gasping heap on my bed. 12-y-o panties Kurt crawled up and lay beside me with his face on my chest, his eyes locked on mine. As my breath returned he
leaned in and kissed me. I 42 by 19 vanity had never kissed anyone but my mother or grandmothers. 6 types lover This was so cool. I put my arm
around him and held him as we kissed. His tongue darted into my mouth and I could taste my cum. I stuck my tongue in
his mouth and searched for more of my love juice. I loved the taste of it. I loved the taste of him. I loved him. Yeah, I
loved this little cock sucker. british 4some
We lay together for an hour then we got into a sixty nine position and he showed me how to make love to a boy
as we sucked and finger fucked each other to another mind rocking orgasm. I knew for a fact that I loved what I was
doing and wanted to do it from now on. Kurt asked me to fuck him. I asked about his burger dude. He told me that my
cock was still small enough that he didn't think that anyone could tell but he really wanted it. He told me that he would
do anything I wanted. My devious little mind went into gear as I told him of my desire. He agreed and I got on my knees between his
legs. I got the best end of the deal. I thought that his blow job was great, the feelings in my cock as I fucked his hot,
tight ass was in a whole new category. I am, now and forever, a cocksucker but I loved fucking that boy's tight little
pucker. I didn't cum with the intensity that I did in his mouth but somehow I felt even more satisfied and drained. I
rolled over and fell asleep. It was almost dark out when Kurt awakened me. He had to get home and get ready to go to work. He pregnant 12y agreed to
meet me at this one door at eleven thirty. We worked out a secret knock. If he did not return my knock before opening
the door I was to run like mad and hide. The door was massive and had four locks on it so I bi jamie 28 racine would have time to run if
the wrong person were opening it. porno 16 yo My dad came home and we had dinner together. He saw how happy I was and talked to me about it. I told him
that I had made a friend in the neighborhood. He was very happy at that. He felt like I would have a better time if I had
a friend or two until school started. I would be going to the military base school but that was still two months away. We
ate and talked about his day then he tucked me into bed and kissed me. At eleven fifteen I snuck out of bed and slipped my jeans and a tee shirt on. I pulled on my sneakers with no
socks and slipped out of the house after making booty talk 24 sure that I had my door key. I went around to a side door at the rear of
the alley. I knocked in our pre-arranged manner. In moments came the expected reply. I heard the locks 2 moms 1 bucket being turned
then the door opened and Kurt stood there motioning for me to hurry in. I moved through the door as he closed and
locked it. He led me up a stairway to a small room. There was a bed and a wardrobe in it and he had a CD player on a
chair by the bed. He had a few CDs but I couldn't make out the names as they were all in a foreign language. He had me
pull the covers over me and lay still and not talk above a whisper. Maybe ten minutes later there was a knock at the door. Kurt opened the door as a deeper voice said something to
him. He answered and got out of bed. As the person left he told me to follow him but to watch out. We went into this
one room and he had me get under the bed. In a minute another door opened and I could see the naked legs and feet of a
grown man. Kurt was 15 girls pussy talking to him and it seemed that the man was very excited. Kurt told me it was okay to come out
from under the bed. Before me stood a man of about forty or fifty. He was naked and very hairy. He had a big, hard cock and it was
pointing at my chest. He was very happy and talking a mile a minute. Kurt put his fingers to his mouth and said
something to the man. The man began to talk quietly as Kurt told me to get undressed. He undressed and took my hand
to lead me over to the bed. The man was drooling on himself as he climbed on the bed with us. Kurt told me that he
wanted to eat my ass. I got on my knees as the man began to lick and suck on my ass hole. His tongue was much longer
than Kurt's and it felt so good. I was loving what was happening. The man turned me over and sucked my cock and licked my balls then licked my ass again. He said something
to Kurt who told me to get on top of the man and sixty nine him. I couldn't wait. I was going to get my first grown up
cock. I started sucking as he was sucking me. He put his fat finger in my butt and it hurt it was so big. He wet his finger
and put it back all the while Kurt was talking to him. I sexy pussy 16 naked
guess he was telling the man that I was a total virgin and to take
it easy with me. I made the man cum in my mouth and I loved the taste and the amount. He had Kurt get on him in a sixty nine
and had me get up behind and fuck Kurt. I was ready for this one. I fucked my friend like an old pro. I lasted a long time
and I made him cum twice into the man's hungry mouth. When I finished cumming the man sucked my cock clean then
he began to suck my cum from Kurt's just fucked ass hole. I went down and helped Kurt suck the man's massive cock
and we made him cum again. He was so happy. It was time for the man to go. He got up and took his bill fold from a
plastic bag on the bedpost and pulled out a big wad of money. He gave a lot to Kurt and a lot to me. Kurt told me to get
my pants on and get under the bed. He gave me some of the money he had and told me to put it in my pocket. I got
under the bed and the man left. In a moment the door opened again and I heard Kurt talking to another man. The door shut and Kurt told me to
hurry. I got out from under the bed and we ran back to his room. He didn't have any money. He told me that he had to
give it to his burger. I pulled out the money I had and he told me to take it home. He would meet me the next day and
we could go somewhere to eat and shop. He helped me sneak out and I went home. I counted the money when I got into my bedroom. The man had given us over three hundred Euros. I knew that
this was a lot of money by any standard. I hid the money under my mattress and went to sleep. Kurt knocked on the
door the following morning. Our housekeeper let him in to my room. I was still asleep as he came in and stroked my
naked back and butt. I had not showered from the night before and when I moved the man's odor was overpowering on
me. Kurt wrinkled his nose as I moved to go shower. I asked him zdenka podkapova star w4b to join me. He was naked in a moment and followed
me to the 1st time incest bathroom. We took our time washing every part of each other then we had a high protein breakfast of each
other's young ball juice. 55 gals drum We dressed and headed out. The housekeeper had breakfast ready for me but I told her I would catch something
later that I had some sights to see with my new friend and guide. Kurt told me that the exchange rate for Euros at the
time was about even, dollar for dollar. I told him that there was over three hundred dollars. He told me that he had given
his burger a hundred which is normal. He told me that the man really liked me and wanted to do it with both of us
again. I showed him a business card the man had given me with 4some piss
the money. Kurt and I went by the address on the card
to find a very big law firm. We smiled at each other and went across the street to a sidewalk café and ordered breakfast. I had my fill of Europe's idea of breakfast and asked Kurt to translate as I ordered us each an American
breakfast fit for a king, or a trip to the hospital for an overloaded system of fat and carbs. The waiter was astounded but
agreed to prepare what I had asked. In a short time we were drinking the very strong European version of coffee. We
had a plate with eggs and hashed brown potatoes with sausages. We had a stack of French style pancakes but since we
couldn't come up with a word for maple syrup we settled on honey with lots of butter. The eyes of the other diners were on us as we pigged out on our special breakfast and they ate their sweet rolls
and miniature cups of strong coffee with orange marmalade and strawberry jam. As we were about half through with
our impasse our friend from the night before came up to the café to get his Continental breakfast. He spotted us and his
face went blank. We just nodded and looked away. He relaxed. He walked over to us and talked to Kurt for a moment
than sat down. He asked the waiter to serve him at our table. Then he turned to me. "My name is Eric. Thank you for our meeting last night. If I can be of service again please let me know." I was amazed that he spoke English. He told me that he had studied international law in Boston. He had not
known whether to talk to me the night before or not so just kept it quiet. I told him that that is what I wanted, to keep it
quiet. I told him that I enjoyed myself and would like to get together again but not there. He told me that he had an
apartment in town for business and that we could meet there when we wanted. We told him we could meet then. He
laughed and told us that he would have lunch prepared for us at two. We agreed and went our separate ways. Kurt and I shopped. I had never gone shopping by myself and it was so much fun. We bought tons of junk food
and ate until our bellies were sticking download free mpeg4 porn
out and we were sick. We bought CDs and I got a CD player. We bought lots of
new clothes and then we had to decide where to hide all of it. We decided that my dad really didn't look at what I had
so we slipped in past the house keeper and hid everything in my room. Kurt would come over on Monday and take
some of his stuff back to his room after he finished his shopping trip. He figured that way it would look like he had just
bought it. At one thirty we headed to the address the man gave us. He was just getting out of his car as we came up. He led
us up to his apartment and let us in. He had carbon 14 dating wikipedia a nice place on the top of a tall building with a Jacuzzi in a window over
looking the town way below. We got naked and got in the water. He rubbed our backs and we did the same for him. He
loved to suck our cocks and we let him do whatever he wanted. At three a man in a white coat announced dinner. We went naked to the table and sat on either side of the man.
He had prepared a prime rib with boiled potatoes and asparagus. There was salad and pastry for desert. I ate till I was
stuffed on everything but asparagus, I hate that stuff. He carried each of us into his bedroom where we had a repeat of
the night before except that I really wanted Kurt to fuck me. The two of them made me comfortable and prepared me. I lay on top of the man with his cock all the way down
my throat. He licked and slurped on my ass like it was the best food in the world. He used his fingers to open me up. I
was glad that Kurt was so small, I knew this was not going to hurt at all. The man pulled me down so that my cock was
buried in his mouth and Kurt got up behind 7 weeks pregnant twins me. He pushed his peter in me and it didn't feel any different than the
man's finger except that it went a little further. Kurt began to fuck me and I loved every stroke he made up in me. Between the man's mouth and Kurt's peter I
was in heaven. I felt like I was in my nana's rocking chair or in granny's lap in her rocker. I had never felt gossip girls s1e4
so loved and
protected as these two sex fiends used my young body for their own satisfaction. It took me several months 1st time booty grlz to figure
that one out. I was enjoying myself so much that I didn't realize that I was just a sex object to them. cutie 16yo in tights The man paid us well and we continued to meet him every few days. Many times I would go alone and he would
lavish me with his attention. It was just before school started that Kurt and I went to see him and he had two other men
there. They were rough and hurt us. As we left the building two policemen were walking in. Kurt said to me that he
didn't like that fat man sticking his pee pee up his butt. He said that it hurt. The policemen heard and the man and his
friends tried to go another direction. The policemen stopped them. One of the policemen took Kurt and I aside and
talked to us and beaver 40 motorhome
we told them that the man had taken us upstairs and he and his friends had sex with us. The police took us to my house as the two men were taken away. My dad was called and I told him that I had
been raped. I had been, by the man's friends and I didn't like it and I told him no, several times. There was a trial. Kurt
was taken away and naked 13 girl taboo
I never saw him again. Dad asked for a transfer and we headed back to the USA. Dad was sent to Arizona. I stayed cool and out of trouble. I did meet a kid in my eighth grade class that liked to
suck cocks and we got together a few times but we kept it very low key. Dad was training hard and working long hours.
He told me that he was the commander of a very good group of guys. He started spending time with me and talking
about different things. I was getting old enough to figure it out so I just hit him one night. "So when do you go to Iraq?"
He looked at me as tears welled up in his eyes. He picked me up and held me in his lap with his arms around me. He
whispered in my ear that he would be going in December but we still had two months together before he left. He asked
me where I wanted to stay. I told him that I would like to go to granny's house. I love nana and pap pa but they are
getting older and I have more to do at granny's with the farm and the chores and of course, my horse. Dad agreed. We took a few weeks and went to see nana and pap pa. I told them that I thought that I would be
better off on the farm than with them. They agreed at once. They told me that they had talked about it and were going to
try to convince me that I would be better off there than with them but that they still expected to see me, often. Pap pa was a picture of an old Indian. He looked as if he had stepped out of a Norman Rockwell painting with
his high cheek bones, prominent brow and square jaw. His skin was not as dark as one would think but he told me that
was because during the struggles that the Indians went through--what he called the Trail of Tears--that a lot of Indian
girls were raped and bore half white children. He told me that in the new Indian Territories of Oklahoma that there were
few, if any, pure blood Indians alive today. His golden brown eyes twinkled as he talked to me and I love the look of his
thick black hair, almost like the mane of a lion. At the tender young age of nine pap pa told me of the Choctaw curse. He told me that all of the men of his blood
line had at least a nine or ten inch cock. This 8tube sex web site was exciting to my little adolescent mind as I pictured myself the envy of
the entire world. I wanted my cock to grow to its full length then. I had no desire to wait for puberty. I was a solid three
foot five inches tall and weighed about fifty pounds. A ten inch cock would be a third of my body size but I could
already see it. Nana was a soft, sweet Indian princess. 8 layer underwear She was Cherokee through and through. She was what every boy seeks
in a perfect wife. She could cook like none other and sing like a nightingale. Mom american wife mp3 and I spent a lot of time with the two
of them while dad was on one assignment after another. Pap pa taught me to hunt 4 rubber stamp wedding with a bow. He taught me to live off
of the land. I could go out on my own with nothing but my knife and stay for a week at a time. This I did often from the
time I was about eight until I was ten. We spent every minute we could with granny and papa naked 15 yo girls also, especially holidays. A family reunion occurred
every Thanksgiving and Christmas. They lived in a huge house that they had built from the stones on their land. It was
almost like a gentleman's estate one sees in pictures of European castles. As the family grew the house did too. The first addition was a two story east wing. It had 18 free gay a huge family room
downstairs and two bedrooms, with three bathrooms, One bedroom was for granny and papa with the other belonged to
my aunt Hazel. Upstairs there were six bedrooms with a bathroom between every two. The center of the house contained a country kitchen with enough room to swing a whole cow by the tail. This
was the main gathering place for the family with it's long tables and plenty of seating. The center piece being a large
cooking fireplace. There is twenty gallon cast 3 piece penile prosthesis iron kettle hanging on a hook that swings into the fire. Many a cold night
the whole family has gathered around that fireplace and drank hot chocolate from that kettle. Granny makes a stew in
the kettle that barely feeds the whole tribe who will eat four of five bowls full in a single meal. The west wing is not as big as the east. Downstairs is the grand dinning hall. There is a table that can actually sit
the entire family of seventy three, at the last count two years ago. Upstairs is the grand ball room. It is a huge, empty,
unfinished room where all of us kids have a grand ball. We throw our sleeping 7th heaven porn forums bags on the floor and camp out for the
three or four nights that we get together. A few days before Thanksgiving dad and I arrived at Granny's. Papa had passed on while we were in Europe but
granny had stayed on, keeping the old home fires burning. She was a tower of strength but when she heard that I wanted
ot come and live with her she broke down in tears. The chores were getting too much for her. She had tried to get some
help from friends and neighbors but everyone had their own problems. She looked at me and told me that I was truly a
gift from the heavens. Dad was happy about the way things worked out also. He had a delay in his orders to ship out and had to go to
special training at a top secret location. He told me that he would be gone for about four weeks but that he would see
me around Christmas time. I fell into a routine around the farm. The big thing that needed doing was to get all of the equipment inside, out
of the weather. Then I moved the stock into winter pastures and took inventory of feeds and supplements for the herd. I
was sure that everything was in order. My uncles checked me out as they arrived for the holiday. I was praised over and
over again for the work I was doing and the help I was giving mama, their name for my granny. By the time Thanksgiving Board5cgi-world was over and the Christmas season loomed closer I was into a routine. I had enrolled
in the local highschool. A two hour bus ride twice a day was a bit much but one of the boys told me about the farm to
market licence that the state offered for farm workers over fourteen. I got granny to go with me over to the county seat
and got a special drivers licence that allowed me to drive farm equipment to and from market 12 valve cummins injectors
on farm business. I drove
papa's pickup truck with a bag of feed in the back end. I had to go to the feed store every morning and drink a soda.
While I was there I parked the truck and attended class. After school I had to get the feed back home and off I went. All
completely legal and no skirting the laws. Some of the boys abused the privilege and .the local sheriff took them to task for their efforts. This freedom
meant too much to me and I didn't want to loose it. I had to have a bonafide reason to be anywhere but in a straight line
from the farm to town 16 yo nude angels and the sheriff was careful to verify those reasons. It was only two weeks until school was out
again and I had a lot to do to get ready for the annual stampede of relatives. Granny expected all of the kids as well as
some of her's and papa's families come to say hi, maybe for the last time. That saddened me to think of losing her. She
was my strength so many times in my life. Christmas of 2004 I got the greatest present of all times and that is the crux of my story that I have sat down to
tell you now. I guess I have told you more than I realized but we haven't even gotten to the good part. Christmas eve morning I awakened late. I had purposely slept in knowing that a house full of people were on
their way and I would be in the grand ball room with thirty eight girls for the next two or three nights. Not only would I
get very little sleep, I would not have a chance to take care of the monster down under and he was a demanding entity.
He made me exercise him at least twice a day which was very rare. He usually wanted to be stroked three or four times
but I didn't really care. He had grown to be such a big boy it was a joy to be alone with him. I enjoyed his reward to me.
I had developed a real taste for his love juice and I was able to bend over far enough that I could lock my lips over his
thick purple crown and get every last drop. It had been a long dry spell since my friend Kurt had taught me these
amazing things. The last thing that I wanted to happen is 10yo nude kiddyporn for my dad to discover that he had a cock sucker for a son. I
wasn't 12 girl xxx afraid of his reaction so much as I was about someone else finding out and causing him embarrassment. I love
that 8th street latinas nudes man so much it would kill me to cause him any pain. I had all of my clothes moved to the back of the large closet in what had bleach 1st ending been my aunts room so many years ago.
Whenever she visited she and her husband always slept in her room. I changed the bed and put the dirty sheets through
a wash cycle. I had my sleeping bag and pillows along with a back youth swimsuit sz 14
pack of necessities for the holidays in a cupboard
under the stairs, you know, Harry Potter's room. I love Harry Potter. I would love to ride his broom stick. babe 911 Ron's a dork
though. I ambled into the kitchen about eleven o'clock to see a man that looked familiar but one that I was sure I had
never seen before. Granny was hugging a penis. My knees gave way as I looked at the epitome of perfection. He was a
pure blond haired, blue eyed, walking, talking penis awaiting my service. I was standing in the middle of the room,
drooling on myself when the man spoke to me. "Is this Mark? Wow, you have grown up to be a real stud. Now I know
what all of your under 16 nude pics cousins have been talking about." He put out his hand then pulled me in for a hug. My dad walked 2 hot chicks in and put his hand on my shoulder. "I told you he was a killer. Look at that smile. I have to
wear dark lenses to keep from going blind when he shows those pearly whites. "Hey, son, you don't remember your uncle Mike, I guess. You were only five when he went to Africa." "I can see the family resemblance so I kind of guessed." "And this young man is my step son, Luke. We don't use step son to often. As far as either of us is concerned he
is my son, period, but as a way of introducing him to family I will spell it out." Hey, spell it any way you want, I still like what I see. Fuck, we're stuck in the ball room. No chance to get a
dance with Luke in there. He'll have all of the girls going ga ga all night. Since he is no blood relation they will really
be on his sweet ass. Man, I wish I could be. I just got a perfect view of that double bubble when he picked up a spoon
my aunt dropped. Fuck, I had to get out of there or embarrass a whole bunch of us. "Mark, you and Luke will stay in Mac's Shack. I cleaned it up this week and put clean bedding out there. Why
don't you take Luke out and show him where to put his stuff and start a fire. There is no heat out there except for the
fireplace. I stacked a fire for you so you only have to light it but it is going to snow tonight and you need to get the room
warmed up." Me and Luke, alone, in Mac's shack? Heaven moved to earth and I was unaware. Luke and I each grabbed our
back packs and sleeping bags and I took him out to the shack. It really isn't a shack. It was a room, on the outside of the
house. It adjoined the west wall where the bathroom for the dining hall was. It was one big room with a small bath, a
shower and a toilet. It had been built for papa's handyman to live in. He lived there for over fifty years, until his death. I
had been told that Mac and papa were old buddies from their highschool days. I know Mac was always nice to me and
he taught me as much about the farm as papa did. I opened the door and showed Luke in. He threw his shit into a corner and said let me welcome my cousin
correctly. He grabbed me and gave me the hug of my life. He pushed himself tight against me and I nearly died as I felt
his hard cock press against mine. He pulled me close then turned his face to me. I looked into his eyes as he leaned in
and kissed me, full on the lips, with tongue. A hard dick against my own, a hot tongue down my throat. Roaming hands
inside the waist band of my jeans, squeezing my buns and urging me to hump him in return to his own movements. I
wasted no time as I pushed at his tight fitting jeans. It was a struggle but I pushed them half way down his ass while
they were still fastened in the front. I had naked crack surrounding my fingers as I probed and pushed at his pants, trying to get them off of his sweet
body. I wasn't paying a lot of attention until I felt the cold air on my balls but he had unfastened my button front jeans
and had them pooled around my ankles. The room was fucking cold. I toed off my sneakers and stepped out of my jeans
as I broke away from our hot embrace. I ran to the fireplace and bent over to strike a match to the kindling granny had
laid at the bottom of the fire. The kindling caught the tender and the fire began to burn. I was burning as my naked
cousin walked up behind me and pushed his very hard cock into the crack of my ass and wrapped his arms around me. I reached back and grabbed his nice six inch cock and led him over to the bed.. 36 inch dildo
He took the initiative and lay
down with his head toward the foot of the bed. I lay opposite with our cocks pointed straight at each other's mouths.
Not a word was said as we each filled our mouths with the meaty offering before us. We were both so hot that we got a
load off in record time. He filled my mouth almost at once and nursed and suckled me until I returned a load in mere
seconds. We lay there nursing and let our hands walk over each other for several minutes until I pulled him up to join
my head on the pillow. He was my uncle Mike's wife's son from a previous marriage. His mother was a missionary in South Africa
when Luke's dad died of weird disease. Mike was a young man on his first mission. He had a life long love of the work
of God and had joined with a group young college graduates with a burden for the Gospel to reach South Africa. At
twenty one he took off. He met Luke's parents before he started his work in Kenya. A few years later he ran across
Luke's mom. She told him of her husband's demise. She was going to carry on his work while trying to raise iboard3 ls guestbook
a four year
old son on her own. The passion she had was shared by Mike so he asked to be able to accompany her back to her
church. The council agreed. With in a year the two had developed a relationship and Luke had bonded to Mike. The two
were married shortly thereafter. Mike and his wife, I never learned her name, were going into a very serious hot zone to begin a mission amongst
the predominately Muslim population. It was a very dangerous mission and one where they did not want to take Luke.
He had been brought here by Mike to stay with his grandmother and go to school in America. Enough of the talk already, I wanted more sweet cream. I had to check him out and I found that Mike was five
and three quarter inches long and five and a half inches around. The exact size for a perfect boy of fourteen. He was
born in S. Africa of American parents and had dual citizenship. He had been home schooled by the missionaries and
hoped that he could test out to be in the ninth grade, same as me. He was one day younger than I. When we worked out
the time difference I was only twenty four hours and six minutes older than he was. He had to measure my Indian cursed cock. I was then a nice seven and three quarter inches long and a pleasant
five and three quarters inches around. Both of us were uncut. Luke's folks wanted to cut him but he was born in the
jungle and there was no one that could do the job except for the old tribal spiritual leader, Luke said he was a witch
doctor if ever there was one. He had cursed Luke's dad and Luke was sure that is why his dad died. All I knew was that his cock needed to scratch a deep need in my throat so I swallowed it. We had a nice slow
time as we finger fucked each other's butt and sucked each other without any rush or urgency. Luke had never been
fucked and he wanted to try it, now. I was horny as hell. I had not fucked anybody or been fucked in almost a year,
since I lost Kurt. I had two fingers in Luke's ass and loved the feel of, what I now knew, was his prostate. I loved
feeling that hard little nut as I rubbed and pushed at it and his cock filled my mouth with his clear seminal fluid. I had
milked him until his sperm joined the fluid for a most satisfying ejaculation of the cream of life. I decided that I would
break his cherry. If he was going to live here then I wanted to get all of the cards on the table between us now so that
there was no question in his mind about where I was coming, and cumming, from in the future. I worked up to three fingers in his delicious ass as I moved myself between his legs. I was on my knees with my
cock dripping 59 dd breast
like a cheap faucet onto my fingers which I pushed into his sweet ass as a lubricant. I had not taken much
time to eat his ass yet and I wanted more than the cursory licks I had given him as he recovered from my fantastic blow
job. I kept pulling my fingers out and licking them, supposedly to lube them but I was getting taste of him that had me
so fucking hot I was about to burst. I determined to eat him after I fucked him. Right now he was open and eager to be
broke and I was ready to ride this young stallion into the ground with the promise from him that I would get the same
treatment in return. My cock moved with a mind of its own and pushed past my fingers in one smooth move. Luke was so open that
even with my oversized cock I slid all the way in with no obstruction whatsoever. Luke's eyes widened as I made my
entry. He never expressed any pain as I watched him intently. Slowly he smiled at me, "That feels like the turd from
hell. I feel like I have been constipated for a week." I pulled out to the rim of his sphincter, "DON"T pull it out. Oh
please, put it back in." I moved ever 30 gal steel drums so slowly in and then out, in and out. His face lit up like a sunbeam with a smile
that brightened my entire world. I began to fuck him. He shifted his body under mine and my cock was free to move and it did, with power. I
power fucked Luke on his virgin breaking journey. I gave him all of the moves and actions I had witnessed the men at
Kurt's hotel give their young boys. I was alternating SEX D9G PORN between short hard stabs, to long slow strokes. Luke was eating it
up. He was moaning and carrying on as if this were the greatest thing in his life. I guess from what I had learned from
my time with Kurt that it may be. I was going to find out in just a little while as I took Luke inside of me. Luke began to tense up. His ass muscles were gripping and releasing my cock with each stroke. I had never had
this sort of feeling storie sex 12yo before. I loved fucking Kurt but my dick was so thin and I don't really remember him fucking me
back as Luke was. I could feel my end coming all to soon. I changed my angle of attack and returned to the long, slow
strokes once again. Luke was jumping with each plunge and his cock was standing straight up, away from his body.
Clear seminal fluid was actually running down his cock as it bubbled like a fountain from his wide open pee hole. I got
a prada pr 03f
big fist full of his sweet juice on my fingers and licked them clean. I fed some of the offering to Luke who's eyes were
rolling back into his head as he continued to sing of his love and praise me for the feeling in his young body. celebrity jeopardy 2110 results In less time than I really wanted Luke began to fountain his creamy nectar across his body. Three shots made it
all the way into his open mouth. That so turned me on as I watched his tongue swirl around with his own jizz on it. The
next few shots covered him from chin to navel then he was down to dribbles. Just as his dribbles began my climax
began. My eyes rolled back into my head as I shoved my cock another two feet into Luke's tortured 30 birthday penis jokes ass and left a few
gallons of my boy juice for his intestines to absorb into his bodies cell structure. I was exhausted as I kept up a maddening pace, pumping every drop of cum that I could find as far up into the
tight tube of muscle surrounding my throbbing cock. I was banging against Luke's upturned ass and my balls were
making a loud slapping noise as the made contact with his taught maximus gluttonous. Luke screamed, "Yessss!" as I
emptied myself into him. I was drained. I fell to my free 6 tgp porn side. Luke rolled with me trying to keep my cock in his ass. I went to my back as he
moved on top of me. But my cock wilted and slipped out of him of its own accord. Luke was kissing me with a fire that
I had never experienced or witnessed. I was struggling for breath but trying to get as many of those kisses as I could.
Luke kissed and licked my ears, around my cheeks, my forehead, even my nose. As I began to breathe easier his tongue
was in my mouth. He didn't lock our lips as I was still gasping for breath, he just licked my teeth and my extended
tongue. He was proclaiming his love for me. Slowly I recovered and I told him it was dinner time. I spun around and pulled him on top of me. I spread his
legs and began to feed at his fresh fucked hole. Now this boy found another pleasure. His body had experienced so
much in the last half hour or less that I was sure he was going to go into mind lock so that he could process all of
sensations into usable data. Luke had my soft cock fully in his mouth as he download whipping sound mp3 sucked and searched for any remains of our combined efforts.
He was doing a number on my naked cock head as he held my foreskin back. He let the sheath cover his tongue as he
continued to nurse my tender meat. I gritted my teeth and let him go as my body spasmed with each and every
movement of his eager probe raking across my sensitive nerve endings. Finally I had all of the cum that he was going to give up and under 17 nude girl his cock was growing to a sturdy pole again. I
locked my lips against his ass hole and blew all of 26 porn
the air in my full lungs into his butt. He squirmed on top of me as he
felt the need to expel the air. I did it again. This 3 d fucking cartoons time he could not hold it very long. He raised up to point his ass away
from me. I pulled him down as he exuded a loud rush of cum moistened air from his anus. I watched in fascination as
his pucker flapped in the breeze and filled the room with the sounds of a healthy boy fart. Yeah, it was gross but it was
fun. For some reason I took a very perverse pleasure in the experience and vowed to convince him to do it again if we
ever got together after today. I kissed the under side Hometown amateur 16 of his turgid cock and told him that I needed a return favor. Luke crawled aside and
looked at me with his beautiful smile and took up a position between my legs. His first order of business was to rim me,
an activity in which he had no experience. He loved me doing him and he wanted to see what it was all about. Fuck yes,
I'll teach him. I 3 move porn
loved being rimmed. I looked forward to being rimmed after he fucked me but one step at 3 gp videos sexy
a time, one
step, step, step. 1981 march twins playboy The finger routine was finished and now the main event was under way. I had taken his cock with only a slight
discomfort. Luke's cock was almost three times the thickness of the only other cock I had ever had in my butt, and that
had been nearly a year ago. I was practically a virgin myself. Luke had taken my much thicker and much, much longer
cock without hesitation. I was going to do the same. As Luke bottomed out in me I felt a wave of pleasure as I had
never had before. Luke made love to me as if we were the most perfect lsm16 rar of lovers of all times. I felt his love flow as he
fucked me with feelings I never knew existed. He lay on top of me and kissed me. Our tongues engaged each other in a
battle seeking the best of each other. porn 4 free His cock never stopped its two way journey in my love chute. I could fee my love for Luke take over my
conscience body. The two of us bonded right there and we would never separate. We actually reached our climax with
me being just nano seconds ahead of him. Luke was pressed hard against me squeezing my cock between our tight
bodies. The friction he generated on the bottom of my cock brought me to a mind altering climax. My ass muscles
tightened as I pushed my load across both of our bodies, causing him to let loose his own load into my new love tunnel. He stayed on top of me with his cock in its new home. I was willing to let him warm his cold member any and
all of the time. I just wasn't sure how he felt. Had I been a fuck or was this 2 slip union
something that could happen again and
again? "I guess you know what this means?" he said. "What?' "We're going to have each other's babies. We will have to do this every day so that they can be fed properly.
Since we don't have all that crap up in us that girls have the babies have no way of getting nourishment so we will raise
them on cum and love. I do love you, more than anything in my life and I want to be your boyfriend. I hope lolta 12y
that we can
learn to love each other and be together forever." His cock had softened and he was laying at my side with his head on my chest and our lips millimeters apart. He
would 3 minutes free webcam
speak and kiss me. I would listen and kiss him. I realized that he was actually as much in love with me as I was
with him. "That has got to be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." I jerked up to see my dad and my uncle Mike
standing at the foot of the bed looking down at us. "The two of us have been 5 dicks so worried for months that you two may
not get along. We were both almost positive that our sons were gay, or at least leaning that way at this age. We just
weren't sure if you could get it on with each other." They had both seated themselves on the bed, Mike by me and dad by Luke. Mike picked up my legs and spread
them wide. "Oh this is sweet. Remember when we had cute, tight puckers like this. I loved looking at your lovely anus
after a good fucking. I have to have some of this." With that he put his head down and began to rim me and feltch
Luke's cum from my ass. photoshop cs 4 crack I turned to look at Luke. He smiled at me as my dad ate his ass. Luke and I locked lips and let them give us
pleasure. Our cocks thickened and filled out to their full length only to be grasped and stroked by each other's dad as he
ate his way to the center of our small world. My cock began to throb and thicken. Mike took it into his mouth in time
for me to give him the fifth load of cum from my, now sore, balls in just a little over and hour and a half. Luke was gasping in my mouth as we breathed each other's air over and over and his cum filled my dad's eager
mouth. The two brothers pulled away and looked at each other. They moved forward and kissed each other, sharing
their prizes between themselves. "Oh, this brings back so many memories. I wonder if we were that cute when we made love at the same age as
they are," my dad said. "I don't know. I know that Mac loved it the first time he caught us. Man, could that old fart suck cock. No
wonder papa kept him around," Mike offered. "How long were they together, do you know?" "Papa told me that they met in grade school and began sucking each other at thirteen years old. Mac lived here
until he died at seventy three, so I guess they were together sixty years." "It's a wonder that any of us were ever born. Papa was a horny fucker, right down to the end." Dad said. "And he had such a little cock. Did you ever suck him?" "No, I never had that opportunity. In fact I never thought of it with anybody but you. To this date I have never
sucked any other dick than yours. I let a kid suck me in Spain a few years ago. He was our houseboy. He was supposed
to be helping me bathe. He washed my back and handed me a towel as I got out. I was drying my hair when he took my
cock into his mouth. I moved over to the massage table and laid back. The lad was about thirteen or fourteen but he
knew how to suck a man's cock. I lay there thinking of you and the great times we used to have. I let that kid take me
twice that afternoon. He helped me to relax every day for as long as we were there." "That was when you lost your wife wasn't it?" :"After. When Mark and I went back to finish 1960 housewife
my assignment. I was kind of lonesome and not knowing what to
do. I was worried about Mark. I got assigned to the embassy in Amsterdam and took a 14 y.o porn house across the street from a
boy brothel that is world famous. Mark met a porn science 2 roxy young homosexual boy and discovered his sexuality." "You knew about Kurt and me? You knew what we were doing." "Son, I was with the Embassy. You were watched like a hawk watches a mouse every second of the day and
night. There were cameras in your room. There was a man on your tail as you went up the back stairs with Kurt. I sat in
the owners office and watched you and that lawyer. You opened up and became your own man that night. I didn't like it
that you met him at his apartment but the second time you were there the place had cameras and microphones
everywhere. Someday you may want to watch your sexy little ass in action." "Dad, I....I..." I broke down and began to cry. I was so mad and so hurt. My dad nude 16 yr girls came to me and held me girl 16 age xxx tight.
"Is this room bugged, father?" I was raging mad and I let it out. 3 gal compressor tank
"No dear. It is not. I am not worried about anyone hurting you here. Mike and I have been talking by phone two
or three times a week since he got his new assignment. I know that this is the only place that you will be happy and safe
while I am on assignment to Iraq. You need someone to be friends with. Luke had some habits that made Mike think
that he might be ready to experiment and discover his sexuality. We thought that if you two could become friends then
it would be easier for both of you to be this far away from all of the excitement you have always known. "It was a silent wish, on both of our parts that you might become, at least jack off buddies. We aren't ready to be
grandfathers yet. Coming in here and smelling your sex stench in the air was like a dream come true for me." "Me too," Mike chimed in. "I love Luke so very much. I couldn't love him more if he were of my blood. I will
never have sex with him but he is the most desirable young man I have ever met. I am so glad that the two of you are
together. Your dad and I both feel that you may discover girls the way we did as you grow older but for now you can
have all of the sex you want and not have to worry about pregnancy." "So you set us up to have sex with each other so you could get your perverted thrill!! Well, fuck you! Both!!"
Luke pulled his pants and coat on and free 12-16 girls naked stormed out of the door. I looked at my dad. I loathed the man. I ran after Mike,
still naked. I 32h boobs caught him right outside the door and we ran to the barn and up to the top of the hay loft. I grabbed a
handful of horse blankets and tossed them up before me. I stacked the bales of hay into a fort of sorts and put the
blankets down then stacked more bales to make a roof. Luke and I crawled inside. I was fucking freezing my nuts off because I was still stark naked. We cuddled
together under three or four blankets and slept till morning. When we awakened we had to piss wicked bad. We crawled
out of our fort into icy cold air. On the ground in front of the fort were all of my clothes and the rest of Luke's. We ran
to the side of the barn and peed in the hay. It was to far to the house and I didn't have time to dress before I would have
peed myself. Once dressed we climbed down the ladder. Under the loft lay our dads, together under a stack of horse blankets.
I stood looking at them. My dad opened his eyes and looked at me, "Ahh, son..." "Save it, dad. It's too fucking cold out here. Let's go back to Mac's shack and we'll talk there." I put my arm
around Luke and he took off at a run, our dads running right behind us. Dad started to say something and I cut him off.
"Look, I was out of line last night. I know that you love me. Dad, you have always done what you felt was best for me. I
was shocked that you under 14 porno xxx had wanted me to fall in love with Luke. I have you know." He looked at me. "I've fallen in love
with him. I don't really care how we came to be together but if he'll have me I want to be with him from now on and
forever." Luke grabbed me and hugged me close and we kissed. Yech, morning 11yo nonude breath with hints of stale cum. My man's
cum, my cum, fuck it kiss me again. "Uh, dad, I'm sorry. I was out of line too. I didn't know for sure if I was gay. I had
thoughts...when I saw Mark I just went...what? I don't know but I do know that I want to be with him forever more. "It scared me that you knew more about me than I know. Does my mother know?" "No. I don't think so. We never talk about it. She is your mother. Mother's know their kids. I know it won't
matter to her unless she doesn't get a grandkid or four." "If you can stand to be around us it is Christmas morning. We should get inside and celebrate with the family."
My dad, always the logical one. Luke and I showered together and dressed. We snuck in the house and sat in front of
the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate each. Dad and Mike came in all dressed and looking fresh. Dad grabbed toast
and bacon and made ass stretcher 4 up some bacon sandwiches. He gave each of us one then he and Mike sat beside us as we ate and
stared at each other. I saw nothing but love in both of their faces and I felt like a damn fool. I almost lost the only good
thing that has come into my life in like...forever. All of my cousins were coming in and grabbing food to stuff in their dainty little faces. The room was getting
crowded. My dad's oldest brother opened the sliding doors to the dining room and announced that Santa had been there.
All case xx 04 of the little ones made a bee line out of the kitchen to be followed by the older set then the parents. Luke and I sat
together. Santa had come for us the day before.
So there you have it. Is your friction enhanced by my fiction? Tell me about it at fishermaniname.com.Hangin' hard, dude.
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