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From: Greg
Subject: More is Better ch 6More is BetterBy: Photo Guy (fotogme11yahoo.com)
Story Consultant and Researcher: Steve
Editor and Proofreader: JereThe author copyrights this story, with permission for posting on the Nifty
Archive. It may not be copied to another website without prior permission
from the author.This is a fictional story ... any similarities to actual people, places,
events or other entities is purely coincidental. The kinder porno pedo story involves gay
sex between family members and their illegal pedo mom pics friends, and is written solely pedo fuck incest
for the
reading enjoyment of people who aren't offended by material of this type!
If you are underage, or this type of material is illegal where you live,
please leave lollita pedo video now.***A big thanks to those of you who wrote to me after chapter five. I can't
emphasize pedo free movies enough, how much I enjoy hearing free pedo porn galleries from preten pedo pics
you! (My email address is
at the russian pedo kiddi sex top of this page.) I especially want to thank each of the group
members who commented on the last chapter. I'd sure like to get some more
conversation going between you guys! Anyway, I hope you enjoy chapter six!***Chapter SixtristeChris continues with the story.)With Tim riding shotgun, the twins' dad, Emilio, brought one of the J bar
A's newer four-wheel drive pickups to collect my horse. It took some
doing, but we finally got the horse inside and tied to the stake sides.
After volunteering to ride in back with the animal, pedo kds xxx real to try to keep him from
injuring little boy pedo photos himself further, I settled my butt against the back of the cab.It was a slow, difficult drive across the bumpy fields; but after what
seemed like an eternity, we arrived at the Myers' ranch compound. It was
sure bustling with activity! A couple of large corrals were completely
filled with bawling, red and white Hereford cattle. Everybody seemed to
have a job to do, and they were busy doing it.After Emilio parked the truck, Josh got out for a moment to talk to
Mr. Myers. "Robb, it looks like pedo kids young nude
you've got everything under control here.""Yep," Jared and Devon's father smiled. "The cattle buyer will be out
first thing Monday morning.""Great!" pedo illegal porno Josh commented, while eying the large herd. "The way cattle
prices are right now, hopefully this year won't be too bad for you.""I sure hope not," Robb answered, pulling a blue and white bandana from his
back pocket and loudly blowing his nose into it. "Lord knows; after the
last couple, we're due for a halfway decent year!" He swiped the lo pedo tgp
rag over
his large snout a couple of times, before returning it to his pants pocket.
He glanced toward our pickup, as Dad agreed with his statement. "Sorry
about your horse, Josh."Josh shrugged. xxx pedo galleries
"I'm just glad it wasn't any worse."Nodding his head, Mr. Myers talked with Dad for a little while longer,
before our ruddy faced neighbor added, "The celebration barbecue is at four
o'clock next Saturday. And everyone from the J pedo boys nude pic
bar A is invited.""Thanks, Robb ... I wouldn't miss it for the world!" Josh answered, with a
smile and a handshake for his rancher friend."Well, we're just finishing up here, so I'd better get back to work," Robb
stated. "I'll send the rest of your boys home before too much longer.""Thanks," Dad answered, while climbing into the pickup. He reached behind
his head and opened the sliding glass window. "How's everything going back
there, Chris?""I think we're making it okay," I replied, after a quick glance at my
horse. Hopefully, alt binaries pedo it would be smooth sailing the rest of the way home. At
least, we'd be traveling on roads."Good!" Josh commented, before pulling out his cell phone. "I'd better
give the vet a call."He left the back window open as he punched a few numbers into his phone.
Unfortunately, I gathered from the one-sided conversation that the
veterinarian already had three stops ahead of us. But he promised he'd be
down to our place as soon as he could. Hopefully, it would be yet tonight.By the time we made it back to our stable, the top pedo kds pic
sun was getting low in the
sky. I glanced toward the western mountains, where it would be setting
soon. As Emilio opened the tailgate, I noticed several puffy clouds were
beginning to take on the warm shades of sunset.'Where was my camera when I needed it?' I thought with a smile.It seemed to take quite a while, but we finally unloaded the injured
animal. He really seemed to like being on solid ground again!Anyway, as we were working with the animal, Eric and the twins wandered
over to see what was pedo funlumpkins toplist going on. pedo girl landSex porn anal pedo Eric had begged to go on the roundup. But
while everyone sex pedofilia fre wanted Eric to feel at home among us, both Josh and Ben had
insisted he stay home, saying he couldn't ride a horse well enough, yet.
He vowed to go riding every day for the next two weeks, and hopefully, he
would be able to be a part of the J bar A roundup. I think everybody
wanted that to happen.After our dads left, the rest of us pedo cp kdz stayed pedo sex free in the barn for a few minutes.
David and Carlos broke open a bale of hay and, using a nearby pitchfork, I
scooped several forks full into my horse's feed trough. Immediately, the
animal began to eat."Why don't we go outside?" Carlos suggested, after a quick glance at the
injured horse.Unlike Kaiden and Ryan, who both had favorite horses among the J bar A
stock, I wasn't picky about my mounts. However, maybe because I felt like
I was partly kiddy porn pedo sites
to blame for my gelding's injury, I hesitated for a moment."He'll be okay by himself, Chris," Carlos added. nudism pedo "Come on.""Okay," I sighed, following the younger boys outside to the corral fence.
All of us climbed up on it and settled on the top rail as we talked. In
the early twilight, I gazed over the field on the other side of the corral.
It seemed to stretch on forever. Turning toward our neighbor, I asked,
"Carlos, are you and Robert on speaking terms yet?"The younger twin laughed, with a sly twinkle in his eye. The three Lopez
boys shared the same bedroom, so it would sure be awkward if they weren't
talking to each other!"Yep," he said smugly. "It's ALMOST like Tuesday never happened.""Yeah ... a blowjob or two every day can do wonders," David added,
clarifying the situation.Laughing, all of us agreed.With a smile lingering on his face, Eric shook his head. "Fuck, it's great
to live out here with you guys!""It's pretty good having you for a brother, too," I replied.As we were talking, Eric pointed to several dark humps moving in a line
across the field to the north. "It looks like the rest of the guys are
moving pretty slow.""Yeah," I agreed, "I've free pedo incest pictures
got a feeling all of us will be saddle sore in the
morning."Shaking their heads, both twins laughed knowingly."How many roundups have you guys been on?" pedo anime sex
I asked, suddenly wondering."More than I want to think about!" Carlos laughed. "Liz says mom was
pregnant with us during a fall roundup back in 1987." (Elizabeth, the
Lopez boys' older sister, was away pedo art pic
at college in Louisiana.) He paused for
a moment. "So, I guess you could say we've been riding on roundups since
before we were born."Both twins laughed, and David added, "Yeah ... and Mom's got a few pictures
of us on horseback wearing nothing but diapers. Even though we were babies
back then, fuck, those are embarrassing!"I shook my head and laughed. Most pedofilia sex porno
parents probably had photos of their
young kids wearing little or nothing, but I doubt if many of the babies
were riding horses. I guess cowboys really WERE a different breed of
people!"Chicos, es la hora de la cena! pedo 14yr (Boys, it's time for supper!)" Mrs. Lopez
called out loudly, from the direction of their front door."I guess we've gotta go eat," David said, dropping pedo nude girl
to the ground from the
top of the fence."Yeah, we'll see you guys later," petite videos pedo
Carlos replied, following his brother."I had fun free pedo pics xxx today," Eric called after them."Me, too," Carlos agreed, as both he and his twin turned their smiling,
dark brown faces toward us, before trotting off in the direction of their
home."What did you guys do all day?" I asked, glancing at Eric.Eric shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know; nothing much, I guess. tot pedo porn
But I
really like those two guys." He glanced across the corral pedos world pics to the field
beyond. "It looks like everybody else is almost here."Sure enough, ten apparently weary riders were much closer to us. pedo galleries 2005 It HAD
been a long day ... a lot longer for them than for me. In the thickening
shadows of twilight, it was too dark to make out their faces yet. But only
ten of us had gone to the Myers ranch that morning, and Josh and I were
already home."I wonder who the extra guys are?" I asked Eric."What do you mean?" Eric answered. Since he wasn't out of bed, young 69 child pedo
when we
left the house, I suppose he wouldn't have known exactly who had gone pedo ilegal sex with
us. "I can see Ryan and russian pedo cp
Kaiden for sure. And I think that's Tyler near
the back.""Yeah, that's Tyler all right," I stated, looking more closely at the
riders. He always rode sort of bent over in the saddle, no matter if the
horse was walking young pedo list or galloping all-out. It was just his style, and best pedo sex
it was
different from the other guys who seemed to ride taller in the saddle.As the guys drew closer, we made out Cole, Roy, and three of our cowboys:
Chance, Miguel, and Jamie. And with them were Jared and Devon! All of
them were laughing and talking loudly, as they came into earshot a little
later. forum pedo naked It didn't sound like it had been too rough a day, after all.Eric and I yelled our hellos to the incoming riders, hopped off of the
fence, and ambled into the horse barn along with the others. The first guy
inside flipped on the lights, so we could see what we were doing in the
near darkness. And soon, everyone had dismounted."I sure didn't think I'd see you two tonight," I laughed to Jared, while
nodding in the direction of kinder pedo cp Devon."I didn't expect to be here," Jared replied, as he unsaddled the palomino
filly he had been riding. "Dad really surprised me by saying yes, when
Tyler asked if I could spend the night with you guys. I think everything
went WAY better than he expected today.""Sweet!" I commented, with a smile. I was sure it would be fun to have
Jared around tonight, even though he had to return home first thing in the
morning. And it looked like the younger guys were already enjoying Devon's
presence, too.As we were talking, Roy walked over to where my horse was stabled. He
climbed into the stall, lifted the injured left forefoot, and gently probed
it with his fingers. When the horse seemed to wince with pain, Roy slowly
lowered the foot young pedo fuck vids and clucked his tongue, pedofilia xxx vids
while shaking his wizened head.Grim faced, he little girl pedo daughter said, "I reckon Josh called the vet already.""Before we left the Myers ranch," I replied, offering my hand to Roy, after
he'd swung his leg over the narrow gate."Thanks, son," the old man said, taking alt pedo sex stories my hand before stepping to the
ground."That was over an hour ago," I added, releasing Roy's hand and hooking my
thumb in the front pocket of my low-slung jeans. "The vet said he had
three stops before us.""I hope he gets here soon," Roy acknowledged. A man of few words, he
seemed to shift gears in the middle of his thought. "Men," he addressed
the whole room, and everyone gave him their full attention, "that was a
good day's work from all of you. Robb will need help from a few of us guys
again on Monday morning, when they load the cattle."The cowboys nodded their understanding."I still have to decide who we can afford to send them; but right now, I'm
gonna get cleaned up for dinner!" Roy's face cracked a wrinkled smile.All of us were talking among newsgroups pedo sites ourselves, as we left the barn. Everyone
seemed to have a long, hot shower on his mind right about then, as we made
a beeline to the showers in the pool building. And after we'd cleaned as
much of the trail grime pedo sexo kids
and smell from our bodies as we could, Roy and the
other ranch hands went their separate ways, while the rest of us headed
into the house.The savory aroma of chili con carne filled the air, as we entered the
kitchen. And all of a sudden, I realized it had been a LONG time since
lunch!"You guys head upstairs and change out of those dirty clothes right away,"
Josh instructed. "And give some clean extreme pedoland 2004
clothes to Devon and Jared too.
Dinner's almost ready."Dressed in clean clothes, all of us were starving a few minutes later, as
we filled our large nude pedo girls boys bowls with ladle after ladle of little tits pedo the bubbling, thick,
meaty dish and took our seats pedo lola porno
around the kitchen counter. Quartered
apples, peanut butter sandwiches, and large glasses of milk completed the
simple meal."Fuckin' shit!" Kaiden exclaimed, quickly sucking in several breaths of
air, before reaching for his glass of milk and gulping most of cp pedo illegal pics it down."I'm never going to get used to being in a household with so many men,"
Tina laughed, shaking her head. Obviously, she must have incest pedo links been referring to
the pedo sexo
language all of us used from time to time, because she had pretty-well
accepted the sex we had with each other."Sorry, Tina; but that chili is hot!" 13 yo pedo Kaiden added, putting down his glass.
He stuck out his tongue and fanned it, before wiping away his milk mustache
with the back of his hand.Everybody laughed ... both at what Tina had said and Kaiden had done. But
Kaiden's misfortune in burning his tongue saved the rest of us from the
same fate. Although Maria had sliced quite a few hot peppers into the
chili, it had apparently been simmering on the stove for hours. A lot of
the heat was because the liquid had been boiling, and not from the
ingredients."You'd better blow on it, guys," Kaiden advised; and after following his
own instructions, he pedo fuck home pic carefully took another spoonful. "MUCH better!"My brother smiled, as pedophilie photos
he enjoyed his second bite.Most of the time, when we eat around the kitchen counter as a family,
everyone talks with everyone else. But that illegal pedo kiddy
night, while most of us tried
to describe the pedo yuong porno roundup to Eric and Tina ... between spoonfuls pedo sex movies links of chili or
bites of peanut butter sandwiches ... Tim, Cole, and Ben appeared to be in
their own little world, photos in pedofili fucking talking about making movies, or something along
those lines. It was a subject that only they seemed to be interested in.
Even kiddy pedo pussy gallery
after we had finished our meal, and the young guys, along with Tina,
had drifted away, those three were still deep in discussion.Someone knocked at the back door."That must virgin teen pedo
be the vet," Josh declared, glancing at the clock as he slipped
off his stool. He walked to the door and opened it. "Hey, Colton!" he
greeted the person who stood there. "You're not alone, I little nude girl pedo hope.""No, sir," a teenage guy's voice answered from the shadows. "Dad went
straight to the stables.""Let me get my jacket, and I'll be right out," Josh replied, grabbing for a
lightweight coat which was hanging on one of several hooks on the wall
behind the door. He flipped on a light switch and turned toward us, while
slipping an arm into the denim jacket. "Do any of you guys want to come
out with me?""Sure!" I responded immediately."I'll come, too," Jared added ... and Tyler decided to join us, asian pedo files as well.Colton was several steps ahead of us, as we crossed the back yard. We left
the warm glow from the incandescent light by pedo portals our back door and walked in
darkness for a while, before stepping into the cold light from the large
dusk-to-dawn fixture on the side of the barn."Josh is on his way," I heard Colton say to someone, as he teen pedo lola
entered the
stables."Thanks, son," a deeper, older-sounding voice answered."Is it broken?" Colton was asking, as we entered the barn."Hi, Carl," Josh said, causing the veterinarian to stand."Evening, Josh," the vet, a small, middle aged man who was wearing a
Colorado Buffalos cap, replied. He extended his hand over the top rail of
the stall and the two men shook."How bad is it, anyway?" Josh asked, nodding toward the gelding's injured
leg."Well ... the good news is 'it's not broken'," the horse doctor replied.
"But you won't be riding him anytime soon.""I guessed as much," Josh smiled. "I thought storyboard pedo forum
maybe you'd have a miracle
cure for us, though.""It's just your pedo barely bad luck, Josh," Carl said with a smile. "I've already
used up list of pedo films my quota of miracles for the week." He laughed. "I can give him
something for the swelling, though ... and pedochild sexteens I'll wrap the leg."The two men talked for a little while as the animal doctor wrapped the
horse's foreleg in several layers of a thick, stretchy bandage. Colton had
been standing off ups pedo
to the side, and hadn't said anything since the iligal pedo porn
rest of
us came into the barn. But when I happened to glance in his direction, he
was staring intently at me. Quickly, he averted his eyes."Hey," I began cheerily, "I'm Chris.""Um, I'm Colton," the dark-brown-haired boy replied. His eyes glanced at
my face for a second, before darting toward the ground.Fuck! He was shy around strangers!"Hi, Colton," Jared added with a smile. "Remember me?""It's been a while," Colton replied. "But yeah, you're Jared Myers, aren't
you?""In the flesh," Jared laughed."My name's Tyler," my boyfriend introduced himself. "Do you go to Boulder
High?"Again, Colton looked at the ground when he answered. "No, we live on the
other side of Lyons."Known as the "Double Gateway to the Rockies", because two routes intersect
with the town limits ... both of which take you into the heart of the
mountains ... Lyons is a small community fifteen or twenty miles north of
the J bar A."My mom home schools me and my sister," he continued. The teen's eyes
never met any of our faces."Colton says he wants to join my practice one day," the vet interjected
proudly. Apparently he had finished wrapping our horse's leg, because he
was climbing out of the stall as he spoke. "I'm Doctor Connors, by the
way.""Chris and Tyler live on the J bar A now," Josh clarified."Pleased to meet you, Tyler," the doctor smiled, extending his hand in my
brother's direction before adding, "and you too, Chris!" pedo gay boys He shook my hand
briskly and then turned to Josh. "In a week or so, you can start having
your boys take the horse out for some light exercise.""Sounds good," Josh said, before asking, "Carl, how about a cup of coffee?""Well..." the vet paused for a moment and glanced toward his son."I'm sure the boys would like to get to know each other better," Josh
continued."If we make illegal boy pedo it a quick one," Dr. Connors commented, fastening the buckle on
his satchel. "Neither of us has had supper yet.""You HAVE had a long day!" Josh laughed, as the men prepared to leave the
barn."You don't want to know!" the vet's muffled voice replied from just outside
the door. Shaking his head, he and Josh retreated into the shadows."I never knew anybody who was home schooled," Tyler stated in the direction
of Colton."His mom just wants to keep the girls away from him," Jared joked, drawing
laughter from Tyler and me. A smirk began to cross our friend's lips.Colton blushed in an 'aw, shucks' way. Fuck, it made him look cute ... not
that he needed any help. Beneath his thick, wavy bangs, long eyelashes,
and hazel eyes hooded by dark eyebrows, Colton's deep red face seemed to be
as smooth as on the day he was born. I wondered if he knew how
good-looking he was? Somehow, I didn't think he had any idea."I don't have a girlfriend," japanese pedo sites Colton sheepishly answered."Me, either," Tyler agreed, not mentioning he had a boyfriend, instead.
"Guys like you and me have gotta stick together.""Yeah," Colton said, smiling for the first time since I'd met him. His
eyes actually met Tyler's, as the excess blood began to drain from his
face. Without the rosy glow, his skin was an olive color."What IS home school like?" Tyler continued with his earlier thought,
finding a child pedo free link place to sit on a nearby hay bale. "I mean, it must be awful
boring, to go all day with no other kids around.""Well, my sister's photo pedo land sites there; she's thirteen ... but I guess she doesn't
count," Colton responded, shaking his head slightly. "I like being able to
stay home, though. I love animals ... more than people, I guess. We've
got LOTS of animals around our place." He leaned his angular frame against
one of the support posts and grinned. pron pedo "Besides our own, you never know
what kind of pets people will bring in; I've sure seen pedo ukrainian ALL kinds." He
shook his head again, remembering. "Most weekends, if I want to, Dad lets
me go with him ... and once-in-a-while, during the week, too.""Even little boy pedo top
when the rest of us are in school?" I asked, hoisting my butt onto
the top rail of a nearby stall, and spreading my legs wide."Sometimes," he replied, watching my every move."Cool!" Jared tossed pics pedo nude tgp
out, as he slouched against the doorpost."Yeah ... but I've still gotta do lots of schoolwork," Colton explained.
All of a sudden, he seemed to be completely over his shyness, as he talked
about something he knew a lot about. We learned he'd been taught at home
since the first grade."How old are you, anyway?" Tyler asked."Sixteen," he answered, over the sound of a horse whinnying from the far
end illegal pedo pics 16
of the barn. "Well ... next month, at least."Our new friend chuckled, while stuffing both hands into the front pockets
of his Wranglers. Damn, it was baby rompl pics pedo a sexy pose!"I've gotta wait all pedo orgasm the way until APRIL before I get MY top 69 pedo driver's license."
Sadly, I shook my head.Colton nodded, but then told us he was going to have to wait until he
turned seventeen before his mom and dad would let him get his. pedo tops Suddenly,
next April didn't sound so bad, after all!We talked for a little while longer, until Dr. Connors called from outside,
"Colton, movie pedo illegal russia bring my bag. We best free pedo site need to get pedo baby fuck links
home.""I've gotta go," Colton stated, gripping the handle on the large case
containing his father's veterinary pedofilia free sex movies equipment. "I hope I see you guys
again, before too long!""Maybe next weekend at our barbecue," Jared commented cam pedo eagerly, toward
Colton's backside."I hope so," Colton agreed. Then he paused and glanced back at dee desi pedo us. "I'm
really glad I met you guys!""We're happy we met you, too," I replied for the three of us.Colton smiled and waved, as he trotted into the darkness.And after he was out of earshot, Jared grabbed his crotch and confided,
"Fuck, that guy makes my dick hard!""Yours pedo child sites and mine, both," Tyler agreed, watching Colton and his father until
they disappeared from sight. "Yours and mine, both..."
***I hope all of you enjoyed this chapter! Would you like to see more of
Colton? pedofilia picture xxx I know for damn sure I would!I'll be taking another week off for nude teen girl pedo nature photography ... camping in the
Smokies to shoot the fall color next week, so the post of chapter seven
will be delayed. I photos free kids pedo
think I'll be back on an every-week posting schedule
when I return, however. I'm taking my laptop with me, and plan to spend
some of the lonely evenings writing. But it should be a fun trip.If you would 3d pedo incest
like to join the Yahoo! Group for my stories, you can do that
here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ill_suck_you/join And if you've never
read the earlier stories in this series, you might enjoy them. They're
also in the Gay/Incest area of the Nifty Archive."I'll Suck You" - Final Post Date: June 25, 2007
"I've Got the Best Family" - Final Post Date: May 23, 2008
"Us Guys" - Final Post Date: May 29, 2009Or you can go to the "Prolific Authors" tab and scroll down to my pen name
... Photo Guy.Have a great week, guys! Greg
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